Oscar Pinna
GuidaBoh è il punto di riferimento per il divertimento e la sicurezza stradale. Che aiuta i cittadini a organizzare il proprio divertimento diurno e notturno in totale sicurezza grazie ad aziende specializzate e autorizzate, che collaborano per sensibilizzare e diffondere soluzioni innovative per i cittadini residenti e turisti nel mondo del divertimento e nel mondo dei trasporti incentivando la cultura del divertimento in sicurezza. Obiettivo, ridurre incidenti, feriti e vittime sulle strade creando innovazione per i cittadini e contribuendo allo stesso tempo a incentivare l’economia grazie a sinergie intelligenti, meritocratiche e trasparenti. Siamo onorati di partecipare alla Carta europea della sicurezza stradale.
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Robert Barys
The Prodriver Foundation has been established in March 2014 as a response to local and regional needs for implementing creative and innovative actions to increase road traffic safety in Southern Poland. Very quickly we came to the conclusion that it is considerably important to search for ideas and share our experience on an international ground devoted to this thematic field: thus signing the European Road Safety Charter and becoming its member was a natural choice! From the beginning we benefit from the possibility of publishing information about our actions on this exceptional platform and we do hope thanks to that we contribute to building a more secure traffic road environment and inspire people and institutions from all across Europe.
Mick Whelan
I have been a member for the past number of years. I am passionate about Road Safety and in particular Driver Distraction. I have run numerous campaigns on driver distraction over the past number of years. People continue to use mobile technology whilst driving and the awareness around same has to continue. I hope one day that our roads will have less people using their mobile technology whilst driving. Keep up the good work.
Jesús Aguilar
Caparrós Nature es una empresa Familiar fundada en Almería (España). Desde hace algunos años, tanto la dirección como sus mandos intermedios estamos desarrollando una estrategia de RSC dirigida hacia los trabajadores de la empresa, sus familiares y a la sociedad en general. Por destacar algunas de las actividades sociales que hemos generado, se encuentran, el "Bocata Caparrós, los saludables", en el que se enseña a los más pequeños, que los bocadillos con hortalizas y verduras pueden ser divertidos y sabrosos. Patrocinio de multitud de actividades culturales y deportivas en la provincia y desde hace tres años, estamos adheridos a "La carta Europea de Seguridad Vial" en la que intentamos mantener una comunicación proactiva con nuestros trabajadores y sus familias, con el fin de tener una relación respetuosa y segura tanto en el uso del coche, como con el de cualquier otro tipo de transporte. En este sentido, cabe destacar la organización de rutas cicloturistas en bicicleta de montaña, con la colaboración de otras empresas del sector que surgió hace dos años y con la que además de pasar un tiempo de ocio sano y divertido, se busca la concienciación de los usuarios con otros medios de transporte. Desde Caparrós Nature, no concebimos dejar esta estrategia social ni modificar nuestro compromiso con La Carta Europea.
José Fernando Guilherme
I was the fleet manager of CTT-Post office of Portugal for many years. At that time, one of my worries was the damage to the fleet and especially the road accidents and we started raising awareness of the drivers. and we were contacted by the European Road Safety Charter and the road safety promotion work that they developed. This is how we have considered important CTT to attach our efforts to the efforts of many organisations and people who are working for road safety all over Europe. Since then we have elaborated intervention programs that whenever applied have positive results. In the last edition of this road safety program we have been clearly further, involving a other areas of the company and working all issues related to road safety, from the acquisition of vehicles, the control of the accidents, the training of drivers, communication and awareness and other actions to promote road safety as the Drivers Challenge. We have achieved very positive results that we like to share and have been recognized by the European Road Safety Awards in 2017. We are in this effort together with all the remaining European Road Charter partners and available to help!
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