Szkoła Podstawowa z Oddziałami Integracyjnymi nr 10 im. Polonii w Słupsku

16 - 22/09/2016

Stowarzyszenie ECODRIVE


Ochotnicza Straz Pozarna SZCZECIN

Ochotnicza Straz Pozarna SZCZECIN (Volunteer Fire Brigades SZCZECIN) will sign European Road Safety Charter and implement the following activities within the next three years:
- Series of road safety contests for both primary and secondary schools. Expected number of attendees - 500 people;
- Lectures and workshops related to road safety for the officers of the Police, Inspectorate of Road Transport and Military Police. Expected number of attendees - 100 people;
- Exhibitions related to road safety at public events such as fairs, school events, festivals. Expected number of attendees - 3,000 people;
- Road...


Driving school AUTOM will join the European Road Safety Charter for the next three years with the following activities:
In addition to our normal activity we will:
* Teach various driving techniques in order to prevent road fatalities during different weather conditions such as snow, rain and etc. During the trainings we will also talk about driving during rush hours and other important traffic issues. We will provide instructions how to safely load a vehicle and prepare it for transportation.
* Organise safe driving courses for vehicles that transport people, trucks and buses twice a month.
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