Driving Schools Samaras
03 Μάρτιος 2011

The company consists of 4 driving schools in the region of Serres. Its main business is teaching prospective drivers how to drive and to help them acquire driving licenses of all categories. It employs 3 driving instructors and 2 office staff that work for secretarial support. It targets an audience of 220,000 people who it sees as potential applicants for acquiring licenses in the region where it is based.


Driving School Samaras commits to the European Road Safety Charter until the end of 2013 with the following actions:

1. We will inform the public of the region of Serres through local media on road safety. Particular emphasis will be given on providing information to drivers on how to avoid accidents during periods of recorded mass movements like the New Years Eve, Easter and the 15th of August. These media channels target about 220,000 residents of the county.
2. We will organize road safety workshops at least three times a year to members of various clubs in the region of Serres. Particular emphasis will be given to clubs whose majority of members are professional drivers. The workshops will follow a plan which will consist of theoretical training, presentation of statistics and will continue on with an interactive discussion. They will take place at our premises.
3. We will provide free of charge road safety training courses at our facilities once a month lasting three hours to customers of all ages. The number of participants should not exceed twenty per session.
4. Once a month we will provide free lessons to young adults age 18-25 in the Serres Circuit. Participants will learn methods to avoid accidents in high speed environments such as Highways. In our opinion this will contribute to preventing road accidents in this vulnerable age group.
5. Our school will continue to participate in all day track events organized in the Serres Circuit. We will enforce our contribution by giving out handouts to all of the participants. The handouts will outline the risks of speeding on public roads.
6. We will create a blog on the internet with topics relating to road safety. Particular emphasis will be given to discussions that are aimed at informing young people involved in illegal racing to reduce their participation and then to reduce accidents at these races.


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