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03 Μάρτιος 2011

MOT.O.E. (Hellenic Motorcyclists Federation - is a non - profitable, non-governmental motorcyclist’s organization. MOT.O.E. is an ‘umbrella’ organization for 70 Greek Motorcycle Clubs, situated all over Greece, represented regularly by their delegates at its General Meeting, the major administrative assembly. Based in Athens, with representatives all over Greece is financed mainly through its own activities, but also by some sponsors.


The Institute Motothesis commits to the European Road Safety Charter for the next three years with actions related to raising awareness, training, certification and advanced certification. These step by step actions are described below in more detail:

1. Raising Awareness and Preparation for the Motorcycle driving test
This action is targeted at young people between the age of 14 and 17. We believe that this segment is very important as at this stage they are a step before applying for their driving license. We will organize individual training sessions informing the participants on the driving code of conduct and basic road safety rules and regulations. At the same time they will be able to find more information on our website and in the informative emails that we will be sending out to them. The sessions will be delivered by qualified instructors.
2. Training and improvement of knowledge on road safety
This action is aimed at every motorcyclist who wishes to improve his road safety knowledge and skills. We will organize discussions on the issue as well as provide a self assessment test to the participants. We will also give them the possibility to undertake practical training sessions in which they will be exposed to road related risks and be informed in ways on how to avoid them. The training sessions will be completed tailored around road safety.
3. Road safety certification and the Advanced Rider Qualification level 1
In this initiative we will target every person that has already taken part and successfully completed action 2. It involves the participant receiving a qualification recognized by the British association ROSPA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents). In order to receive this certificate the participant will have to undertake a course that enables him or her to further teach and assist in the education of new members. It will also enable them to be active members in our association by giving them the right to communicate, suggest and improve current practices. The course involves meeting other drivers, taking part in social activities and working with a personal trainer to devise a training course in preparation for the ultimate advanced Test.
4. Road safety certification and the Instructor Qualification level 2
To be able take part in this action the person would have to obtain the Advanced Rider Qualification level 1. A level 2 Instructor qualification enables the member to instruct and directly educate a new rider. The qualification is also recognized by ROSPA and can be presented as a formal certificate. To pass this course the participant will have to develop effective classroom management skills, develop instructional commentary on all types of road and environments and finally pass an examination in theory, classroom, and instructional ability.
All of the practical training sessions will take place in various locations in Greece depending on the location of the participants and the instructors. The theoretical sessions will take place in our establishments or if the demand is high in specific hotels. Dates for these sessions are to be arranged between instructor and participant.
In Motothesis we believe that by training Motorcyclists and by providing the opportunity to gain an official qualification in Motorcycle riding we provide an incentive for riders to improve their road behaviour and thus reduce their potential of engaging in road accidents.


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