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Centrum Bezpieczenstwa Ruchu Drogowego

We wish to renew our commitment to the European Road Safety Charter over the next three years through the following actions, which go beyond our normal activity.
The Centre for Traffic Safety will organise educational events to promote road safety rules and first aid skills, namely:

1. "First aid - it's easy"
In a situation in which an individual is seriously injured, skilled and immediate first aid can make the difference between survival and death. We want to contribute to reducing the number of road deaths by teaching people how to give first aid.
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Target Audiences:
  • 0-11- Children and infants
  • 12-14 - Pre teens
  • 15-17 - Adolescents
  • 18-25 - Young adults
  • Adults
  • Elderly
  • Capacity building & training
  • Create awareness
  • Education in school or in community organisations
  • Improve vehicles & infrastructure
  • Provide alternative solutions
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