Aide Driving school
06 July 2009

Aide autokool is a driving school that that trains drivers in A, B, C, D, E categories, moped drivers, professional drivers and emergency vehicles.
It also produces simulators and teaching materials. The organisation has 25 employees. It trains around 2500 people.


We commit to organising free events focussing on road safety, directed to different target groups:

1) We will carry out half-day trainings focussing on the use of car safety equipment (seat belts, car seats, and airbags). The main object is to learn how to properly use safety equipments and how to act in an accident.

The events will take place at a local level in Pärnumaa municipality. Information about the event will be communicated through our municipality schools mailing lists (10 schools). We will organise 5 events throughout the year; the training will be for 100 children in the age group of 10-18.

The safety day will start with an introductory lecture and then a practical session where the instructor will show and explain the safety equipment and consequence of an accident. In the practical part, the participants will have the opportunity to use a simulator to understand the importance of safety equipment.

2) In the summer of 2009 we will carry out two safety days for our municipality citizens in our training area for inclement conditions (e.g. icy roads).

We will include sections on seatbelts, right use of seats and airbag, electronic speed control (ESC) and ABS brakes. Information about the events will be spread through local media, newspapers and radio.

We will also produce 2000 leaflets about car safety equipment; the leaflets will be handed out at the events.

The safety day will start with an introductory lecture, which will be followed by a practical session where the participants will have the opportunity to test out different exercises on our training area for inclement conditions.

With this action we want to educate our citizens to understand the importance of properly using safety equipments in order to avoid serious accidents.

We intend to organise similar trainings each year for a three year period.

Patners: Estonian Road Administration, Estonian Rescue Services, Estonian Police,  Estonian Motor Vehicle Registration Centre, University of Applied Sciences , Mainor Business School



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