The Cyclist association of Santorini
03 March 2011

The Cycling association of Santorini is based on the island of Santorini in Greece. They are responsible for the promotion and dissemination of information of daily cycling events on the Island of Santorini. They organize conferences, seminars, workshops, lectures, events, cycling meetings and bike races.

They develop collaborations between similar clubs in Greece and abroad to achieve the objectives of the association. The association studies and monitors emerging issues and problems related to cycling in the municipality.


The cycling club of Santorini commits to the European Road Safety Charter for the next three years with the following actions. We will:

1. Organise meetings on a frequent basis informing members of our cycling team about the importance of wearing helmets when cycling. The team will also be informed on issues of safe bicycle handling.
2. Organise educational accident prevention sessions. In these sessions we will focus on explaining to the participants how to avoid road accidents by safe driving and by preventive behaviour. Education will be based on the driving code of conduct. As the island´s population more than doubles in the summer road accidents are very common in this season. Attendant of these sessions will be our members as well as members of the general public. We believe that we can reduce the number of accidents by acting preventively in our sessions.
3. Include a section on our website informing users about road safety issues on the island. We will post in this section photos, videos and articles related to problems as well as guidelines on dealing with these problems.
4. Cooperate with the municipality of Thira in the improvement of the local road infrastructure. As our organiser is a technical engineer of the municipality our views and opinions regarding the current infrastructure play a significant role in these projects.


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