What problem did you address/are you addressing?

With the age of 18, youth in Slovenia can obtain their driving license but need to do a practical safe driving course the period of two years, to obtain a full driving license. Age group from 16-24 represent around 9% of all population of Slovenia, but they cause around 18% of all traffic accidents. Young people are a vulnerable group of road users because of cognitive, attitudinal, behavioral and social factors. Young drivers lack driving experiences and overestimate their driving capabilities. In year 2016, there has been a raise of traffic accidents in this age group, which is alarming. AMZS is closely monitoring the data on road safety and has decided for this initiative due to alarming numbers within age group of 18-24 years. AMZS would like to give as much knowledge as possible to young drivers and contribute to road safety also in such a way.


01/01/2017 to 31/12/2017

AMZS together with project partners designed a theoretical and practical contest for young drivers up to 24 years old. This target group is less experienced and the idea was to challenge them, give them a way to refresh their knowledge and find out if they possess the wisdom and skills to be named “best young driver”. AMZS also wants to encourage young people to reflect on the most important topics associated with safe road users. 

Competition will be presented in three phases, with online selection contest (theoretical questionnaire), semi-final practical contests and final practical contest where skills of finalists will be rated. Online questionnaire as well as the practical skill tasks will include more than just traffic rules, but also questions in regard to how well do the competitors know their vehicle, their knowledge of performing first aid, knowing road safety and similar topics. AMZS closely cooperated with Red Cross of Slovenia, Traffic Police and driving instructors in preparing questions and tasks. Among other stakeholders, corresponding ministries are involved. Team of AMZS experts in road safety, mechanics, driving instructor, PR and marketing and other experts will be established. The events will take place at AMZS Safe driving canter at Vransko. At this moment, the theoretical part of the contest is nearly finalized, in further steps the 100 contestants with best scores will be divided into groups of 10 and invited to Safe driving center for practical semi-final test. Practical semi-final contests will take place in May-June 2017. Winning 10 semifinalists will participate in the final contest, they all will be nominated as “ambassadors of safe driving”. Promotion of safe driving will be done at several events intended for young people until the end of 2017. Final event will declare winner, the best young driver in Slovenia.

Who was/is your target audience?

  • Adults

How did you disseminate/are you disseminating results?

AMZS also designed a PR plan to implement the project. First step was a press conference presenting project idea and participating partners. Project has its own web page. An adveritsement was designed as a call to action for young drivers and was publicized at several web pages, social and printed media. Also a video to address young drivers, was created. During online contest, several boosts were done to reach the young drivers. So far, over 1.300 young drivers participated in the online questionnaire.

How did you evaluate/are you evaluating the success of your action?

AMZS set the aim to reach 500 participating young drivers. So far, over 1.300 young drivers participated. Through online questionnaire, AMZS will gain important infomation on how much young drivers really know in regard to contest topics, which will be analyzed and presented to general public. All the practical exercises will also be measured, evaluated and analyzed.


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