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02 December 2009


Tequila\Estonia is a Business Development company, using wide spread of marketing communication services to develop our clients' businesses. The compay has 6 staff members. TEQUILA\Worldwide connects agencies in 40 countries, uniting more than 1200 workers.




We will commit to the European Road Safety Charter with the following actions.
1) Tequila is co-ordinating the European Night Without Accident. The Responsible Young Drivers organize in collaboration with Tequila (in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania).
Tequila organizes the participating nightclubs (several towns in Estonia), volunteers for the action, sponsors, press releases, all the promotional materials. Also we co-ordinate the project to Latvia and Lithuania, where our partners organise European Night Without Accident., ENWA.
2) Tequila is promoting road safety in the festival Õllesummer from 08-12.July,with driving simulator. The Driving simulator is a high technology machine, integrated into a real car.
The Driving Simulator allows the user/driver, to sit in a real car, a Toyota Corolla Verso, and to blow in a virtual world of an interactive traffic thanks to a 3 Dimension platform. The flexibility of this tool allows many possibilities according to the users’ needs, in order to adapt the activity to the local culture, the customs and eventually to the association's partner's requests.
The simulator demonstrate how important it is to remain permanently focus while driving. The simulator helps to raise awareness of driving capacities and limits. It gives the opportunity to sensitize a significant number of people with a quality road safety message in order to make them taking up a responsible driving, in other words, a defensive and proactive driving; this by measuring efficiently the reaction time of each participant according to various situations.
Partners: Estonian Road Administration and organisation Top-25 (www.top-25.eu ).
3) To raise awareness about road safety among our employees we will organize internal seminars to educate our staff about road safety.
We will also write articles of the road safety and drunk-driving in our blog for our clients and co-workers.

We will renew these actions for the 2 following years according to evaluation.



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