20 December 2012
United Kingdom

The Floow designs mobile applications for drivers and develops telematic systems which provide motor insurers, auto makers and service providers with analytics and predictive models to increase customer loyalty and Return on Investment. The Floow operates without geographic boundaries from its offices in the UK (London and Sheffield) and California (Palo Alto).


The Floow Limited commits to the European Road Safety Charter for the coming three years with the following actions:

1. We will create a road safety section on our webpage including safety concerns, highlight statistics, education material and links to educate safer driving for users of The Floow.

2. We will release a free to download mobile application which will include material highlighting safer driving education and information aimed at EU drivers to help improve driving behavior. On the 25th July 2012 we will release our free to the public road safety app aiming to coincide the release with the Fourth European Road Safety Day - 25/07/2012 - we would aim to promote this in the press alongside the release to push the key road safety objectives with the release.

3. We will present safer driving practices in company trade presentations.
We have already presented safer driving practices to a variety of bodies, automakers, insurers, at events of one kind or another. We will take part in two to three events per year and give out presentation on these practices

4. We will target collaborative innovation, research and development work to target improved safety and better engagement of end users into adopting safer driving behaviour.

We are involved with research proposals with Cranfield University (DriverMetrics) and Sheffield University to work on these aspects. We will be submitting several other R&D proposals and ourselves are innovating in the area of telematics analysis with a target of promoting better driving.


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