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MTÜ Liikluskasvatuse Ühendus

We are organising a bicycle training course for 4th class pupils of Viimsi Secondary School, every year we will teach over 100 children.
Learning bicycle riding is just as natural as learning walking, and in general all can cope with this. When moving about in one's own backyard, where there are no other riders, there is also less danger - the most serious danger being falling. However, once a child wants to leave the backyard and ride on the street, a host of questions arises about how to do so safely. This training will help a child acquire the suitable...

Aide Driving school

We commit to organising free events focussing on road safety, directed to different target groups:

1) We will carry out half-day trainings focussing on the use of car safety equipment (seat belts, car seats, and airbags). The main object is to learn how to properly use safety equipments and how to act in an accident.

The events will take place at a local level in Pärnumaa municipality. Information about the event will be communicated through our municipality schools mailing lists (10 schools). We will organise 5 events throughout the year; the training will be for 100 children in...

Tallinn University Haapsalu College

In spite of positive trends happened during last years in Estonia in the field of road accident reduction, surprisingly high share is taking accidents involving children. Tallinn University Haapsalu College takes the obligation to:
*        Assure the primary and secondary school teachers in Haapsalu free of charge opportunity to take part in bicycle training courses. During the course the teachers will be given tips how to cycle safely.
*        Every year as a part of the curriculum integration days in Haapsalu College, we will offer free of charge
a possibility to take exams for bicycle licence...

Tequila/ Business development


We will commit to the European Road Safety Charter with the following actions.
1) Tequila is co-ordinating the European Night Without Accident. The Responsible Young Drivers organize in collaboration with Tequila (in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania).
Tequila organizes the participating nightclubs (several towns in Estonia), volunteers for the action, sponsors, press releases, all the promotional materials. Also we co-ordinate the project to Latvia and Lithuania, where our partners organise European Night Without Accident., ENWA.
2) Tequila is promoting road safety in the festival Õllesummer from 08-12.July,with driving simulator. The Driving simulator is a high technology machine, integrated...

Tallinn City Government

 By joining the European Charter for Road Safety the municipality of Tallinn commits itself to improve road safety within its jurisdiction. In order to demonstrate our commitment, the following actions will be taken during next 3 years:

1. We create safer environment for vulnerable road users:
- We will proceed with physical reshaping of pedestrian crossings to protect the most vulnerable road users. We plan to make a study to identify pedestrian crossings where accidents between vehicles and pedestrians have occurred more often. We also take into consideration the possible risk depending on the physical layout of a pedestrian...

City of Võru

We want to increase children's awareness of bicycle road safety.
Bicycle is one of preferred methods of transport for children. Therefore it is necessary to increase the awareness of road safety for children
We want to introduce traffic rules and practical tips on how to behave properly in traffic. It is also important for safety to know how to keep your bicycle in working order.
We want to organize 10 hours' training course to 30, 10 to 12 years old children of the Võru Kesklinna Gymnasium. The objective is to train children (by...

Vänta Aga Cycling Club

1) We are participating as experts in bicycle project Eesti Rattarikkaks! where the aim is to investigate and find out the best solutions for safe bicycle roads.
We will carry out a survey in 20 cities, on two levels, an audit directed to administrative personal and bicycle user groups (4-3 experts in bicycle subjects) and a survey to regular citizens. The survey will investigate their opinion about the cities bicycle facilities regarding road safety.
The questionnaires will be spread through mailing lists, bicycle conferences and media.
The purpose is to find out the safest cities for...
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