Valga Linnavalitsus


We are concerned by the safety around schools, as, especially in winter, children have to go to schools in darkness.
Therefore, through out three years we will commit to the road safety charter with the following actions.
- Renew the state of 13 pedestrian crossings by repainting, renewing the plastic cover, for the 1st of septembe
( first school day in Estonia).
- Renovating the street lightning near schools and kindergardens, 6 schools and 4 kindergardens.
- Build out additionalt street lightning around pedestrian crossings to improve visibilty( 13 pedestrian crossings)
- Together with the police keep the road...

United Motors


We will commit to the European Road Safety charter with the following actions.
In order to increase Road Safety, we will organize a free safe driving training 4-5 times per year, for different target groups, doctors, advertising agencies, around 20-50 people. We will personally chose the groups and contact them. This training includes theory, practice and human beings psychological aspects. The objective is to better prepare the driver for everyday traffic behaviour. The training starts with a 40 -45 min lecture, where we will talk about how to safely sit in a car seat, what to take in...

Tallinna Vesi

For the next three years, we want to reduce road accidents by the following actions:
 - We have published the safety guidelines for using vehicles (snowmobile, ATV, bicycle, pressure wash truck, wheel tractor, fork-lift truck) and make them available in our document management system to all staff.
 - Trainings for safe driving on slippery road and driving in the dark are provided to the employees who use car for work purposes. Other preventive type of trainings are provided to all employees who have contact with this area within their jobs (marking road works,...

Tallinn University of Technology - Department of Transport

During the period of 2009-2012 Department of Transport TUT is committing to:
1.       Disseminate Road safety knowledge in our department, among 250 students. Our
department commits to participate at least twice a year at Road Safety workshops,
seminars or similar venues, arranged by students, where the teachers and students will
make presentations or participate. This activity could be spread also on partner
Universities in Estonia, which field of activity...

University of Applied Sciences

1)We organise courses focused on Road Safety that go beyond our usual engineering teaching, directed to:
- to students who want to graduate as motor vehicle teacher (20 participants every year)
- to motor vehicle teacher wanting to improving their qualification (on average 15 graduates per year)
- to people responsible for international goods transportation (approximately 25 participants every month).
We educate secondary school pupils of 11th- 12th form (16-18 years old) concerning the danger of drunk driving; our aim is to reach 12% of all secondary school...

Tallinn Children's Hospital Foundation


Every year there are many children staying at the Tallinn Children's Hospital for treatment after traffic accidents. Usually the accidents occur because children are too careless and are not able to foresee the possible dangerous situations in street-traffic.
We want to commit to the European Road Safety Charter by preventing the possible danger situations. Many of the prevention programs addressed to children are short termed, so the result couldn't be measured scientifically.
1)         During 2009 - 2010 we will carry out 8-10 training session (around 20-50 children per session) for the children staying at the hospital. The main...

Tallinna Laagna Gümnaasium

There is no systematic and constant Road Safety teaching by specialists in our school. We want to create and develop a program, in collaboration with a driving school, addressed to our students for all ages (approximately 720). To make so, we will carry out the following activities:
1.         to compile a separate curriculum for each age group depending on their specific road safety needs and to add a road safety subject to the class timetable for each age group
2.         to organise practical training in addition to theoretical knowledge 
3.         when needed, to prepare students...

Swedbank - Estonia


During the next 3-year period, as part of the renewal of our commitment to the European Road Safety Charter, we will continue with safety belt and reflector topics and other road safety related issues. Among others, we will concentrate more on young people:


- We will take part in road safety related events, for example the children annual bike competition “Vigurvänt” which takes place on the 23rd of May, 2012. On the event we are planning to demonstrate different road safety simulators and also distribute road...

Stratum OÜ

We want to commit to the European road safety charter with the following not-for-profit actions.
1) Participate in at least three road safety projects as voluntary experts.
We believe that changes in road safety are most successful when initiative for changes is from the citizens themselves.
Therefore we would want to assist NGOs or other private initiatives, that have voluntarily chosen to do something for road safety. We want to assist them with our knowledge, participate in discussions, propose possible solutions and if necessary also help to manage them.
2) Participate...

Rakvere City Government

In order to attain the traffic safety goals in Rakvere, the city commits to undertake following actions:

1)  Crossroads - the city has decided to make safe 11 most problematic crossroads in the city by the year 2015 by goal-oriented designing of the traffic environment (changing the crossroads into safe roundabouts, creating islands in dangerous crossroads, adding traffic lights if necessary).

2)  Turn the railroad crossing into a safe level crossing - the city will close a one-level crossing of the railroad and build an overpass (viaduct) over the railroad diminishing thus the number of accidents on...

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