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We will be offering free Road Safety training to all pupils from the kindergarden to high school ,of Tallinn Laagna High School, throughout the 3 next school years.
For the teaching we are using e-Learning material.
During the school year, 52 training courses for 26 classes will be provided, with the length of the training courses at 1-2 hours.
We use trainers and instructors from our company for the training courses.
The training courses are built upon the primary idea of starting from easier to more difficult tasks.
The following is a list...

Operation Lifesaver Estonia


1)   We will commit to the European road safety charter by the following actions:
Every year before Chrismas we will launch a campaign "You are expected to arrive home for Christmas"
The purpose with the campaign is to remind people to be careful and pay attention when crossing a railroad. Christmas is a hectic time for everybody and we think it is an important period for informing about the subject.
We will place 60 posters in trains and around the railroad stations. The campaign will also be launched through media channels...

Olympic Casino


Throughout the three following years, we will commit to the European road safety charter with the following actions:
1) We will carry out a campaign "don't drink and drive" and supply all our Casinos with breathalysers. The purpose is to make sure that our clients don't drive a car if they have been drinking. The staff will be trained so that they are vigilant and motivate clients to not drink and drive. If it seems necessary, we will provide our clients a taxi if it's necessary.
2) In the beginning of June we will...

Narva City Goverment

The City of Narva promises to improve road safety by implementing the following measures:
In 2009 - 2013 we wish to reduce the number of people suffered in road accidents to the extent, when the statistical average number of dead in the road accidents does not exceed 2,5 people per year and the number of injured does not exceed 58 people per year, despite the growing traffic density and the growing number of vehicles in the city.
In 2010 - 2013 as an educational measure we will organise bicyclists training courses for school children, focused...

Estonian Neighbourhood Watch, NGO

Provision of informational material on road safety issues. Raise the awareness of inhabitants in the field of road safety in cooperation with the Estonian Road Administration. Each neighbourhood watch member receives what is known as an info-map, where in addition to other information pertaining to road safety, there is also information about road safety for both adults and children.
In 2009 we plan on providing informational material to 1,000 households all over Estonia (in Estonian and Russian).
Organisation of training courses. At the beginning of the activity of every neighbourhood watch sector, we...

Association of Estonian Driving Schools

We will commit to the European Road Safety Charter with the following actions.
1) We will hold "the safest driver" competition in 2009. The purpose with the competition will be to promote road safety
to a wider public.
With this action we hope to change the attitude of driving and raise the awareness of safe driving.
The competition will be held in two groups, a youth group 18-25 years old, as this is the group most in danger for road accidents. The other group will cover...

Kuresaare City Goverment

One of the traffic safety challenges is a busy traffic of motor vehicles in the city centre.
Considering the size of Kuressaare, the most appropriate mean of transport is bicycle, the use of which is hindered by the insufficiency of cycle paths. Cyclists are forced to ride in the middle of car traffic, jeopardising thus the safety of themselves and others.
Insufficient street lighting and the means of traffic management of a low quality or not meeting standards have a negative impact on traffic safety in some city areas.

K-Projekt Ltd.

Traffic Safety Audit (TSA) is a very important part to make a new solution for making road or junction safe. In England, for example, the TSA is obligatory in every project phase from the year 1990. At the moment TSA is not obligatory in Estonia and it is used quite rarely. In Tallinn there is only very few people who has the specific training to carry out a proper traffic safety audit. There has been no extra trainings for years to educate new experts.
We are going to train at least 2 of our own...

Estonian Scout Association

Our organization’s activity is based on voluntary work with youth in age 6 to 26, who we would like to act safely in traffic themselves and also to be a good example to other people by passing on their knowledge to their families, friends and coevals at school. Our action will be targeted to 1200 people.
We carry out an activity program which is based on learning by doing method, with the purpose to educate youth in various fields, including also topics about the traffic, e.g. extract of learning program for younger age group: know the traffic rules, five main...

Association of Estonian International Road Carriers (ERAA)

The procedure by the boarder of Estonia and Russia is long and truck drivers have to drive long distances for many hours which can lead to driver fatigue.
To encourage the drivers to rest on this specific journey, we commit to the European Road Safety Charter by building a resting area where truck drivers can park and rest. The resting area by the boader of Estonia and Russia and will have 250 places.
We will spread information about the resting area through local media, newspapers and radio. We will also have...
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