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1- We will commit to the European road safety charter by launching a road safety awareness campaign. Its main highlight will be a bicycle ride for the promotion of road safety and healthy lifestyle.
The bicycle ride will pass many popular sites where information about road safety will be provided to children and youth. We will also distribute road safety materials such as reflector vests, reflector bands and bicycle helmets.
The length of the route is 100-130 kilometers which will take two days.
- Road safety for bicycle: the importance of helmet use, how to make yourself...

Estonian Traffic Insurance Fund

In 2008 the number of traffic accidents In Estonia involving human casualties was 1858. The number of traffic accidents might seem big, but in the context of statistical analysis (in particular concerning the analysis of blackspots of accidents) it is not always reliable.
Estonian traffic insurance database registered 34974 accidents in 2008, which gives a much broader statistical base for characterizing the accidents. This information is preferable also for the reason that it can be used to prevent traffic accidents even when no casualties are registered yet (in some regions for example).
At the moment, traffic insurance case data...

Estonian Association of Kinder Gardens

Every year, for the following three years we will announce, September as a road safety month in 36 kinder gardens, in our local district. The purpose is to remind children and parents about road safety after summer. We will have information about children's car safety equipment and pedestrian behaviour on our notice boards.
To see that the parents have the proper safety equipment for children and use it right, we will ask the police to control it when children are taken to kinder gardens.
Throughout the month we will teach children how...

Estonian Union of Child Welfare


1) Informing about road safety on our web site, the website has about 197 visitors per day.
We will provide road safety information to children and their parents about how to avoid accidents by wearing a seat belt, using a helmet when cycling and wearing a reflector when it is dark, especially in winter. To young people we will provide information about safe behaviour while using a motorbike, the importance of having a driving license and its general restrictions like danger of alcohol while driving, for the driver and the passenger.

Estonian Autosport Union


1. We collaborate with juvenile commission, where young people are sent by police for community work when they have not followed the traffic rules or ignored using the safety equipment.
In addition to community work, we will raise their awareness about Road safety, analysing with them their mistakes and focusing on the importance of using safety equipment.
2. Organize trainings for young athlets, to increase their theoretical and practical knowledge about traffic, road safety and safe driving.
The trainings are organized three times per year, so that sessions...

Car magazine

For the next three years, Autoleht commits to the European Road Safety Charter with the following activities:
- In every issue we have article about last week's accidents, with detailed description of one of them. This series’ objective is a preventive nature.
- We have articles about different Road safety issues: about technical side of road safety (about 10 articles per year), about driving psychology (about 10 articles per year). drunk driving and speeding (about 6-7 articles per year).
- In every spring and autumn we publish tire tests, which also focus on safety....

AS Tallink Grupp

The major goal of Tallinks initiative would be rising the awareness of the passengers on our shipping routes starting from Estonia/Tallinn about the regulations in the destination countries. Additionally we would advocate sober driving.
1.         Information posters on all our vessels car decks departing from Estonia/Tallinn, 4 car decks per ferry- on Tallinn-Helsinki route on fast vessels Star and Superstar, cruise ferry Baltic Princess; on Tallinn-Stockholm route on cruise ferries Baltic Queen and Victoria I;
In one year all our ferries have about 3-3,5 million passengers.
            The posters will contain the following messages in English:"Dont drink and drive"...

Union of Estonian Automobile Enterprises

1- To reduce accidents involving professional drivers and improve the status of the profession we will continue to organise "Driver of the Year" contest for professional drivers.
The objective of this contest is to acknowledge the profession of truck and bus drivers while improving their professional skills and attitude, and thus the overall traffic safety. The test will include judgment on general driving, a fire safety test, a first aid test, a tire test, a wheel changing test and figure driving with a truck. We estimate that 15-20 drivers will participate in the contest each year.

City of Tartu

To improve road safety in our city, we undertake to carry out the following actions over the next three years:

  1. We have decided to reduce areas in which there is insufficient street lighting, by building approved street lights covering a distance of 13.2 km in 2008 and 14.0 km in 2009.

  2. Many accidents occur on unsafe pedestrian crossings. Our objective is to reduce the number of unsafe crossings by improving lighting and markings. We will improve lighting and reconstruct 20 crossings per year starting in 2008 and ending in 2010.

  3. We will plan new bicycle routes and build
  4. ...

Fims alliance

Fims Alliance is committed to achieving the following actions:

  1. We plan to organise with partners several international youth projects to address the issue of "Youth and Traffic". Initially, we plan to prepare Partnership Building Activities of the Youth in Action (YIA) programme to be hosted in Estonia in February 2009. We envisage that this event will also launch and initiate Road Safety and youth actions across the YIA network. Any subprojects that will be initiated during the partnership building activity will be published on the website.

  2. We will launch a Road Safety postcard-campaign and distribute postcards to
  3. ...
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