Lithuanian Transport Safety Administration

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Lithuanian Transport Safety Administration

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Lithuanian Transport Safety Administration

Road Safety LTSA Educating ZeroVision Community Engagement

Lithuanian Road Administration under the Ministry of Transport and Communications



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The main LG concern is how to save people's lives at level crossings where road and rail meet contributing a great potential for fatalities and injuries. Therefore the company's actions for the European Road Safety Charter will be targeting the general population with the following measures:

1. Every year 1-2 preventive action at high risk level crossings where drivers and pedestrians will be informed about accidents which have occurred in the past at level crossings and correct procedures of passage. They also will be asked to conform to the safety requirements as laid down within The Road Traffic Rules.... will commit to the European Road Safety Charter with the following activities:

During 2010 - 2011 we will be preparing a collection of articles about various road safety issues. For example, it will be articles about child's safety on the road, road safety tips, interviews with road safety experts and analytical articles.

  • We will prepare 3 articles about child car seats and will publish them in the magazines "Autobild Lietuva" and "Mažylis" (“Baby”). We will also publish these articles in various websites such as


  • We will prepare 5 general articles about road safety. The
  • ...

Vilnius City Council

The municipal council is looking for ways to improve the provision of road-traffic regulations and standards by addressing road safety issues and arranging the installation of technical measures for traffic control on the streets of the city.
Vilnius City Municipaity plans for road safety for the next three years:
1. We will analyse locations in the capital city with the highest accident rates and eliminate defects in the infrastructure which affect the number of accidents: lighting, crosswalks, safety isles and other measures on a needs basis, which are analysed at all times.
2. At uncontrolled crosswalks we...
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