Lithuania will commit to the European Road Safety Charter with the following activities:

During 2010 - 2011 we will be preparing a collection of articles about various road safety issues. For example, it will be articles about child's safety on the road, road safety tips, interviews with road safety experts and analytical articles.

  • We will prepare 3 articles about child car seats and will publish them in the magazines "Autobild Lietuva" and "Mažylis" (“Baby”). We will also publish these articles in various websites such as


  • We will prepare 5 general articles about road safety. The
  • ...

Vilnius City Council

The municipal council is looking for ways to improve the provision of road-traffic regulations and standards by addressing road safety issues and arranging the installation of technical measures for traffic control on the streets of the city.
Vilnius City Municipaity plans for road safety for the next three years:
1. We will analyse locations in the capital city with the highest accident rates and eliminate defects in the infrastructure which affect the number of accidents: lighting, crosswalks, safety isles and other measures on a needs basis, which are analysed at all times.
2. At uncontrolled crosswalks we...

Vilnius University Students’ Representation

Vilnius University Students’ Representation will focus on students awareness of road safety issues.
We commit to:
1. organize an information campaign. We will prepare material related to road safety issues and publish it via LCD (liquid crystal display) screens at the University. It would be: relevant and useful information, articles regarding road safety. Also we will publish videos about safe behavior in the streets in University website and Representation´s facebook page. We will write articles about road safety and publish them in the student life guide - “Student’s guide”.
2. Organize social campaigns and competitions, for example,...

Vilnius County Police Headquarters

Vilnius County Police Headquarters has prepared a three year road safety plan for
2010-2012. They will commit to the European Road Safety Charter with the following activities:
1. Methods and tools. Road user education: interaction with society, communication and distribution of road safety information through police offices and public space through the media. We plan to organise approximately 300 trainings and discusions as well as 6 bigger road safety events. Cooperation with other authorities and organisations who deal with road safety issues. We will prepare and distribute road safety materials to them.
2. The process.
2.1.We will...

International kindergarten “Saulės gojus”

International kindergarten “Saulės gojus” will commit to the European Road Safety Charter with the following activities:
1. Once per year we will orgnise a Road Safety Week in the kindergarten. During this week, we will provide our children road safety classes and instructions how to behave in a street, a car or a abus. Also we will include road safety trainings to our educational plans.
2. We will organise annually visits to Road Safety School in Vilnius. There the children will attend a road safty class, watch a movie and will have practical tasks.
3. Four times a year we...

Šiauliai City Municipality

Šiauliai City Municipality will focuse on the safety of pedestrians and cyclists as well as on improving infrastructure.
During 2010-2012 we commit to implement the following projects:
1. Install 2 pedestrian crossings near schools with road signs on yellow background.
2. Reconstruct one pedestrian crossing in hazardous area of city.
       2.1. Install "plato" crossing (raised pedestrian crossing).
       2.2. Install additional pedestrian crossing signs "Pėsčiųjų perėja" ("Pedestrian Crossing)
       2.3. Limiting speed signs.
3. In 2010 May and September we will make more horizontal marks of pedestrian crossings.
4. We will develop the...

Šiauliai College

Within the next three years we will contribute to road safety issue by organising the following actions and events:
1. We will publish 2 articles on road safety issues in the college newspaper "Mano kolegija" ("My College"). The articles will be oriented towards the young audience of our college.
2. We will publish 2 PSAs (public service announcements) about road safety in the college newspaper "Mano kolegija" ("My College"). The commercials will be created by the college students.
3. We will organize a competition for "Geriausias Šiaulių kolegijos automobilininkas" ("The Best Siauliai College Motorist"). During the...



Omnitel commits to organise information campaign in order to spread a message about responsible and safe driving in 2010:
- We will invite our customers to take part in a car race dedicate to Omnitel name "1000 km lenktynes" ("1000 km race") which will be held it in 2010 July 15th-18th. During the race we will spread a message about road safety "Gatves - ne vieta lenktyniauti" ("Street - not a place for a race"). Before the event we will disseminate 100 thousand SMS to our customers about road safety. Also we will publish the message in our...

Association of Lithuanian Drivers

By signing the European Road Safety Charter, the Association of Lithuanian Drivers commits to carry out the following activities in 2010-2012:
1. Prepare and publish educational road safety material within their official website Topics: driving speed, fuel consumption and etc. Also we will prepare and publish analysis of accident statistics.
2. Prepare and distribute 1000 stickers to drivers:
"Saugos diržai gali išgelbėti tavo gyvybę" (Seat belts may save your life);
"Išgėrei - tavo darbas padarytas, tegu vairuoja kitas" (Once you had a drink - your work is done, let others drive);
"Nesi toks kietas, kaip galvoji,...

Lithuanian Red Cross Society

Lithuanian Red Cross Society will commit to the European Road Safety Charter with the following activities:
1. We will organize road safety and first aid trainings and events. First aid training classes for school children from 6th to 8th grade. The trainings will take place in 26 different cities. They will be held at schools, estimated number of participants - about 24 000 children.
In order to check the knowledge gained during the trainings, we will organise competitions in all 26 cities.
2. We will organise road safety and first aid trainings for children during summer camps. A course about...
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