Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists


We always perform a detailed road safety information analysis in cooperation with Ministry of Transport and Communications of Lithuania, various for road safety responsible authorities and drivers. We will use the results of analysis in order to implement the following actions.
1. We will prepare reportages on road safety issues in Lithuania and publish them in "Baltic TV" channel (one of the four national channels) and the youth radio station "Zip FM".
2. We will participate in Lithuanian National Road Carriers' Association - Linava campaigns which will be organised in order to improve road safety situation in...

Lithuanian students' creativity and technical information center


We commit to:
1. Organise a drawing contest for children of 5-6 years "Whom will you meet on the road?".
We will publish the invitation to attend the contest in the III quarter of 2010 in daily newspaper "Lietuvos rytas".
We assume that there will be approximately 300 participants from different pre-school institutions.
We will also organise exhibition of drawings in a entertainment and shopping center. 20 winners will be awarded with prizes. Using this artistic approach we would like to develop children’s responsible attitude towards road safety.
2. Actions and trainings for 7-13 years old children.
We will...

Lithuanian Art Museum Art Education Centre

Lithuanian Art Museum has a lot of experience in working with children, youngsters and adults. The museum believes in the particular artistic effect in dealing with different issues including road safety. We commit to organise:
o National Children's Painting Competition (in collaboration with the Youth Tourism Centre). Children will be asked to express their thoughts about road safety through drawings. After the competition, we will publish a catalogue with children's paintings.
o In cooperation with other Lithuanian museums (Partner - Lithuanian Museum Association), we will initiate and implement art campaign, during which the largest Lithuanian city's main squares...

BMW Club Lithuania

We commit to emphasize road safety topic during the club events. We will try to involve more members of the Club to this activity and to encourage them to contribute to road safety. We will carry out the following actions:
1 Twice a year club members will visit House for Homeless Children in Beižonys. There are about 20-25 children living there. During the visit, we will talk about road safety with them. We will also highlight the importance of safe driving to all members of the Club during our trips.
2 Twice a year we will organise...

Kaunas City Municipality


Kaunas City Municipality will commit to the European Road Safety Charter with the following activities:
1. To prepare 15 new activity plans for the project "A Safe Trip to the School". The project itself is a document which has been prepared by both school children and city council. It analyzes road safety issues that arise during children's trips to school and suggests possible solutions to these problems. We commit to create 15 new action plans in order to solve 15 issues.
2. To install 2 marked pedestrian crossings near 2 schools using LEDs (light emitting diod).
3. To...

UAB “Easy Rental”

1. We will produce 40 stickers “Vairuok saugiai” - “Drive Safely” and will put them on our cars, two stikers per car: one on the front bumper and the other on the rear . Since the sticker will be seen both by passengers and drivers, this campaign will be directed to many people. We indicate the appoximately 10.000 people will see the stickers.
2. We will produce 100 discount cards for our clients. These cards will be used when a cars is returned without any damage. The cards will have a note “You have driven safely - you get 12%...

UAB Delfi

One of Delfi portal activities is focused on road user behaviour and informing about road safety issues.
We have created a chapter "Auto" where we publish daily road traffic disturbers photos and we forward them to Traffic Supervision Service of the Police of the Republic of Lithuania. We invite our readers to participate in the process of disciplining drivers.
In addition to this activity, we are planning the following actions during 2010-2012 in the frame of our participation in the Charter.
The tool - the news portal and online capabilities.
We will join the Charter with a...

UAB Busturas

Busturas main objective is to ensure the safety of passengers. In order to achieve this we created a road safety work plan for 2010-2011.
1. We will constantly check the bus drivers' knowledge about traffic rules and discipline.
In our monthly work schedule we will determine certain days when we will carry out bus traffic control. We will visit the drivers during their work time and carry out safety check-up. If we register an accident caused by our employee we will organise an additional examination.
2. Busturas will organise a Road Safety Day each month for their...

“Auto Bild Lietuva”

“Auto Bild Lithuania” is a fortnightly published magazine. During the 2010-2012, the magazine commits to publish articles on road safety issues - at least one article in each issue of the journal.
Planned article topics: vehicle security, infrastructure security issues, professional automobile sport, evaluation of car accidents and tips for drivers: dealing with fatigue while driving, overcoming long-haul driving and others.


Charity and Support Fund “Nežudyk”

Charity and Support Fund "Nezudyk" will participate in European Road Safety Charter and will carry out the following activities:
1.       During 2010-2012 we will monthly publish 4 road safety messages in our profile page in the social networking website facebook.
2.       We will organise 5 discussions per year on road safety issues and will publish information and feedback about the discusions in the social networking website facebook.


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