V&E Media Company

By signing and in this way joining the European Road Safety Charter we generally commit to work on a wide variety of areas related with the main purpose of the Charter - safer roads.
The “V&E Media Company” will launch a traffic safety initiative which leading objective is to raise the awareness of the public concerning the importance of driving culture, significance of observance of safety requirements and proper self-behavior on the road.
Within the portal we will cover traffic safety topics. This will also be traffic rules and short memos about them alongside the...

Swedbank AB – Lithuania


Lithuania is one of the countries with the highest risk to have a road accident in the European Union.
Pupils (~ 10 yrs) are already active traffic participants, but still do not have road safety skills. They have some theoretical knowledge but do not have practical knowledge about the safety.
Parents (adults) and children are not enough educated how identify potential dangers on the road and how to learn children safe behaviours.
"Swedbank lizingas" has started long term unique and innovative educational project for school children named "Traffic...

LAS The Association of Lithuanian Automobilists


LAS (The Association of Lithuanian Automobiliststakes) care about road users behaviour. The main aim is Road Safety knowledge and high culture of road participants. 
Therefore we carry out educational campaigns to help to achieve the aims:
- various contests that take place in schools,
- campaign "Saugus automobilis" (Safe automobile) that is held twice a year: spring and autumn, provides vehicles technical examination, drivers usually have a lot of advices how to prepare the vehicle for winter season, small technical damages are removed on the spot.
For the next 3 years at least, we will carry out our...

Lithuanian Brewers Association

In order to encourage the responsible consumption of alcohol, the Lithuanian Breweries Association commits to implement a preventative campaign targeted at all road users between 16 and 60 years old, warning about the risk of drink driving.

In the framework of the campaign, we will distribute 200,000 leaflets through our selling points and attached to motor magazines. We will transmit road safety messages in 500 spots, through our website and in the newsletter.

Moreover, we will include road safety as an essential part of every event organised by the Lithuanian Brewers, and are planning a special event later...

Transeksta - Association of Companies for State Road Vehicle Inspection

We commit to undertake the following actions for the next three years:

  1. In order to modernise the process of technical inspection so as to eliminate the human factor element, we aim to implement a state technical inspection information system. Duration: 2007-2011.

  2. In order to control the process of technical inspection and ensure that only authorised road vehicles run on Lithuanian roads, we aim to install surveillance cameras and operate them on the premises of technical inspection companies and stations. Duration: 2008-2011.

  3. Considering that the public initiative to reduce corruption within the technical inspection system is insufficient, we aim
  4. ...

National Union of Student Representations of Lithuania (LSAS)

We commit to undertake the following actions:

  1. We will provide information about road safety problems during a meeting of the European Student Union Board, attended by around 120-150 student representatives. This meeting will take place in Vilnius from 11/26/2007 to 12/02/2007.

  2. We will distribute information about safety procedures through electronic conferences, a procedure that can be made available to an indefinite number of people. This includes 15 student representations in 15 Lithuanian universities. These representations will disseminate information about road safety via electronic conferences, thus reaching all university students.

  3. On 11/11/2007, we will have a meeting with a
  4. ...

Lithuanian National Road Carriers’ Association - Linava

We commit to undertake the following actions:
- We will organise a professional driver contest every year for the members of the association, during which the drivers' theoretical and practical knowledge will be checked. The contest will be open to the public, company employees and their families. One of the most important goals of this event is the promotion of safe driving, not only among professionals, but also among the general public.
- "Training Centre Linava" will regularly carry out training for drivers to ensure safe operation of motor vehicles and driving safety on the road. Learning programs...

Lithuanian Association of Driver Training and Upgrading Schools


Lithuanian Association of Driver Training and Upgrading Schools will commit to the European Road Safety Charter with the following activities
- We will organise various seminars - meetings with government authorities responsible for legislation relating to driver's education - in order to analyse the driver's training and further development of driving skills procedure. The objectives of those meetings will be to suggest new ideas to up-date those processes.
- We will seek to install and launch a road safety education material preparation system. We have a big variety of driving education programs and materials. Usually the books...

City of Klaipeda

City of Klaipėda will renew its commitment with the following activities:

We will continue introducing the Old Town traffic management system. Narrow streets in the old town cause a lot of traffic problems and accidents. We will set up one-way streets that will improve traffic conditions in this area. Additionally to this activity, we will also install bicycle paths in the Old Town.

During the next three years, the Green Light transport management system will be prepared and introduced.
- We will change the old traffic lights to new ones.
- We will improve the system of the traffic...

Lithuanian Automobile Club (LAC) / Lietuvos automobilininkų klubas

Over the next three years, Lithuanian Automobile Club will commit to the ERSCharter through the following actions:
We will organise large-scale competitions to underline the importance of safe behaviour on the roads (12 events within 3 years). All events will be open to public.
We will publish and distribute leaflets and information on safe driving (5,000 copies twice a year).
We will continue the ongoing work with state agencies and will provide them with suggestions concerning changes to legislation, participate in the preparation of road safety program, put forward proposals to improve road safety.


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