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Društvo Motorističnih Aktivistov Slovenije – Maksi (Motorcycle Association of Slovenia Activists)

As part of our commitment to the European Road Safety Charter for the coming three years we have decided to:

1. Actively participate in raising awareness of motorcycle riders and other road users in the light of safe and responsible driving through our website, posters, flyers, brochures, and the production of short films.

2. Within the project "Safe with the motorcycle" we will prepare free workshops for drivers of motorcycles and mopeds. The workshops are designed as a supplementary training for drivers of motorcycles and focus on safe and responsible driving, as upgrading the skills of driving that are acquired...

Slovenian Traffic Safety Agency

 The Slovenian Traffic Safety Agency will implement and follow the new national program for traffic safety in Slovenia (2011-2021), which has the main goal of reducing the number of dead and seriously injured people in traffic accidents by 50 % until 2021. By 2021 there has to be less than 35 deaths per million inhabitants and less than 210 heavily injured per million inhabitants on roads in Slovenia.

The Agency will focus on most vulnerable road users, such as pedestrians, motorcyclists, bicyclists and elderly. All our activities will be focused on achieving this goal and improving road safety.

Institute DRIVING

The Institute DRIVING will focus on future drivers and young people road safety education. In the following three years Institute DRIVING will perform the following tasks which will help to raise social awareness and better road traffic safety:
    * Within the campaign "I'm still driving - but not walking" (referring to our members’ personal experience) we will additionally provide free informal educational workshops for youth from the age of 15 - 19 years old. We expect to have approximately 50.000 participants.
Our other actions will include:
    * Creation of an interactive website for young...

Ljubljana Cyclists' Network


Our aim is to have fewer accidents by promoting a safer means of city-transport: cycling. We will therefore organise the following activities as part of our participation in European Road Safety Charter in 2010-2013:
1. In February 2010 we organised two Winter cleaning actions to improve the cycling conditions in Ljubljana. We have cleaned cycling paths from snow and the events were covered by two newspapers and two radio stations. We will organise similar events in oncoming winters, when snow will cover cycling tracks. The idea is to increase awareness of street conditions and their affect on cycling...

Avtošola Brulc d.o.o.

1. We will launch an additional activity in our driving school which will consist in an encounter of all motorcycles’ drivers who made driving tests in our company. It will be opened for other interested motorcyclists as well. This encounter will be organized before the beginning of the motorcycle season. The motorcyclists will be well advised about safe driving by our trained instructors. We are foreseeing that 50 to 100 motorcyclists will attend every year.
2. Every year our driving school will voluntarily cooperate with different primary schools and offer help to instil their pupils a safe behaviour...

Zebra Graphic Ltd.

Over the next three years we will organize in partnership with State agency for road safety (Ministry of transport) the distribution of not-for-profit or completely free (as a giveaway) personal safety products (pedestrian reflectors, reflective vests, reflective snap bands) to promote higher visibility of pedestrians & cyclists on the road and possibly prevent death toll by these groups: schools, kindergartens and older people homes. We will organise approximate 2-3 actions per year, visiting approximate 30-40 schools, kindergartens and older people homes.
Our objective is to make 20.000 people aware of road safety issues.
During the distribution...

Scania Slovenija d.o.o.

During the next three years we commit to undertaken the following actions:
1)  We will participate in the global Scania competition called Young European Truck Driver . The competition will start in november 2008 and its main objective is to promote the safe driving within our employees. It consists in a theoretical and a practical part. The national final will be followed by the European final featuring the winners of all the various countries. The competition will be followed by press conferences and promotion through media (general public-daily newspapers) in order to make the general public aware...
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