Ljubljana - City of Ljubljana

The City of Ljubljana will renew its commitment for the next three years to the European Road Safety Charter with the following activities.
We commit to organise stationary traffic by constructing one-way streets with parking places lengthwise along the carriageway in the following areas:
Kodeljevo I and II (KO I and II), Rožna dolina I and II (RD I and II), Bežigrad I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX and X (B I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX and X), Trnovo I and II (TR I and II), Mirje I (MI I) and Vodmat...

Avto-Moto Zveza Slovenia


In the following three years, we will continue to organise 'Family Hour' events in Slovenian towns and cities.
The aim of these events is to raise the level of awareness in the general public on concrete Road Safety problems such as: the correct use of child safety restraints; the correct positioning of a driver's seat; the proper way to transport pets, bicycles, skis; practical education for young drivers of scooters, etc.
The demonstration tools we will use are:
.         Child restraint systems
.         Driving simulators
.         Drunk buster glasses (special glasses that...

Centre of non-governmental organisations of Slovenia - CNVOS

In the next three years, we will promote road safety in the following way:

  1. We will carry out a media campaign through three NGO magazines, involving 5,000 to 10000 NGO members. We will write an article twice a year about road safety, reporting on subjects such as:
    • Safety in the car: tips for driving carefully and safely
    • Children in the car: tips on how to behave in the presence of children
  2. Through our website, which receives 500 visits a month, we will spread road safety messages every two months, and we will make all our 27 non-governmental organisations
  3. ...

T-media napredne komunikacije d.o.o. (Multimedia and internet production)

We plan to target, cumulatively, 10,000 visitors from different age groups. Special emphasis will be placed on young people, as they are one of the larger Internet user groups.
The following activities will be financed by T-media as our contribution to the European Road Safety Charter, and will be free of charge.

  1. We will create two special sections on the community website,, and the local Novo Mesto municipality site. These additional sections will provide road safety tips on:

    • Correct use bicycles
    • The importance of being sober and attentive while driving vehicles
    • The promotion of the use of
  2. ...

ZVD Zavod Za Varstvo Pri Delu d.d. (Institution of Occupational Safety)

During the next three years:

  • We will publish specific articles about road safety in the issues of our magazine, Delo in Varnost (Work & Safety), 850 copies of which are published six times per year.

  • We will inform our employees about safe driving through the internal website. We will do this four times per year.

  • We will include our employees in safe driving training on a voluntary basis. The training will incorporate a special safe driving course lasting 10 hours.

  • We will include a section on road safety matters as part of the general training for the employees.

  • We
  • ...

ATET d.o.o.

Following the evaluation of our first commitment and considering that our action plan has had a positive effect on Road safety, we renew our commitment to the European Road Safety Charter with the same activities for the next 3 years.
In order to increase road safety among our employees, three times a year for three years, we will provide them with extra training to improve road safety. Training will last for three hours and will be provided by the Ljubljana office manager.
The main training topics will be:
"        Use of seatbelts
"        Use of safety...

Giz Intertransport

  1. We will spread road safety information through our website to all our members: once a month, it will be updated with road safety tips and the most common dangers related to heavy goods transport. We will offer our member companies the possibility to make requests through the website: our experts in road safety will be responsible for the consulting activity. We will also insert tips on road safety in the 100 brochures sent out on a monthly basis.

  2. For the next three years, we will set up a general meeting every year with our 50 company members (around 50
  3. ...


  1. During the next three years, we will carry out an awareness campaign in Slovenian primary schools. We will set up six presentations per year and will explain the following topics to at least 120 children:

    • Dangers of the road
    • Injuries resulting from accidents
    • Safe use of the road
    • Use of safety devices (reflectors, brakes, helmets)

  2. We will open a road safety section on the website, in which we will report on the same topics mentioned above. We will try to make it interactive so that children can become more familiar with road safety aspects. Our website receives 200 visits
  3. ...

Eurotek Trebnje, d.o.o.

In order to reduce the number of accidents among our employees, we will:

  1. Carry out extra training activities for our employees. We will set up 10 to 15 working groups every year. We will provide a three-hour lesson to each group, which will be made up of 15 to 30 drivers.
    We will focus on:

    • Daily risks encountered on the road: how to deal with them
    • Daily risks encountered at loading sites: how to deal with them
    • Dangers linked to heavy duty and large vehicles: how to reduce them
    • Dangers linked to the different environment and climate factors:
  2. ...


In the following three years, we will provide our 235 drivers, along with the 10 employees that work with them, with extra driving safety information. At the end of the year, we calculate that each employee will have received 20 hours of training. Training will take place at the headquarters, in Slovenian branches or other premises supplied by the local police. It will be held on Fridays or Saturdays for groups of 15 employees each time.

The main topics will be:

  • Safe driving behaviour in trucks
  • Difficult climate conditions when driving trucks
  • New technologies in trucks
  • The
  • ...
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