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Following the evaluation of our first commitment and considering that our action plan has had a positive effect on Road safety, we renew our commitment to the European Road Safety Charter with the same activities for the next 3 years.
1.       Each year we will be joining or organizing at least two public events with safe driving demonstration. On those events we will focus on children passenger safety and motorists. Events will be organized in collaboration with local police and traffic safety agency, we expect at least 300 visitor per each event.
2.       We will collaborate with...

Sava Tires

In the next three years, we will:

  1. Provide our staff with further training activities. We will train those people who spend most of their working time on the road, particularly those involved in marketing, sales and public relations. The training will take place once every two years, headed by Brane Kuzmic, a former champion rally driver. It will consist of a two-hour workshop on road safety. 80 employees will be trained, which represents a high percentage of those employees who drive during their working time.

  2. The Fulda brand "Start and go" campaign: using the elements of competition and
  3. ...

Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia

In order to increase road safety in Slovenia over the next three years, we will:

  1. Encourage all member companies during three annual meetings in Slovenia to focus on the following aspects:
    • Respect of speed limits
    • Use of safety belts and safety devices
    • No use of alcohol or drugs
    • Management of driving and resting time for professional drivers.

  2. Raise road safety knowledge among commercial drivers, within the framework of the "Safety Driver" initiative. We will encourage all member companies to train their drivers on road safety. The Association will reach them through events set up every 3 months involving 200-250 companies each time.
  3. ...

Kmetijski inštitut Slovenije - Agricultural Institute of Slovenia

The Agricultural institute of Slovenia commits to carrying out actions concerning road safety of tractors involved in traffic.
In this respect:

  1. We will offer special 1-2 free workshop(s) per year on themes such as:
    • more and frequent replacement of old tractors
    • educating tractor drivers
    • educating parents of young tractor drivers
    • better maintenance of tractors

    We will invite up to 1,200 people (professors, farmers, technical experts, agricultural salesmen). The workshop will last one day.

  2. We will organise special lectures for safety in traffic for all our employees in the Institute (around 150). In addition, we will
  3. ...

Omega Consult project management Ltd.

Measuring actual speed of motor vehicles on the whole Slovenian road network is our company’s regular activity. However, we commit to the charter by using results of our measuring in an annual survey on attitudes towards speed and road safety behaviour in terms of using: driver's and passenger's safety belt, child restraints on seats and helmets.

Our free of charge annual survey will consist of two parts:

  • a questionnaire published on our website that will be filled in by 500 people.
  • an interview with all our employees (28)

Both the questionnaire and the guidelines for the interviews...

Slovenian Red Cross

In the next three years, the Red Cross of Slovenia commits to carrying out actions on road safety issues. In this respect we will:

  1. Raise awareness of first aid and road safety through education of children and young people. The educating will include primary school children (approximately 150 - 200 primary schools) from 5th to 9th classes (children between the ages of 11-15, 17-18, 000 children in total). The purpose of the education will be to motivate children to become responsible road users capable of offering first aid in different situations. The education will consist of lessons and practical training
  2. ...

University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering

In Slovenia there are about 50 big road design offices with more than 500 employees. In the last 10 - 15 years these offices were mostly engaged through the national motorway programme in designing motorways and main roads and less with urban road design.

Since more than 60% of fatal road accidents occur on urban road networks more focus must be placed on urban street problems. It is therefore very important to educate road designers in traffic calming solutions and in modern and contemporary urban street design. There are several good projects implemented in Slovenia in the field...

Zveza združenj šoferjev in avtomehanikov Slovenije

With activities over the next three years our Union will be contributing to improving some areas of road safety in Slovenia.

  1. Members (all professional drivers) of our Union will take care of safe road crossing for children on their way from their homes to school and back. From the beginning of each school year in September there will be over 1000 of our members in action every day. The members will be present at zebra crossings around schools, slowing down traffic and helping children to cross the street safely. In the next 3 years we are planning to organise
  2. ...

Mestna obcina Maribor

The city of Maribor is actively engaged in many road safety issues and has decided to commit to the European Road Safety Charter with actions focused on cyclists as one of the most vulnerable groups in traffic. With our actions over the next three years we will improve road safety for cyclists.

  1. Educating citizens on safe cycling.
    • In order to improve road safety of cyclists, Maribor City Municipality intends to continue educating young cyclists (around 4000 pupils between 10 and 11 years old) in elementary schools according to the programme “TO SCHOOL BY BIKE”. Every spring we will organise, in
  2. ...

Paloma Sladkogorska

Paloma contributes to the European Road Safety Charter with actions that focus on our internal staff, particularly our forklift drivers. Forklifts are vehicles used in factories to lift and carry loads. They circulate among the traffic around our buildings. We estimate that with these actions we will decrease the amount of accidents involving forklift drivers by 10% over the next three years.

In this respect we will carry out the following actions:

  • Through meetings with our staff we will raise awareness of the dangers of driving under the influence of alcohol. We will randomly make alcohol testing of our
  • ...
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