Zveza Moto Klubov Slovenije

Our federation of the motorcycle club of Slovenia will, over the next three years, contribute to the European Road Safety Charter with actions we believe will improve road safety among motorcyclists.
We commit to the following actions:

  • Annually we will organise 6-7 events around Slovenia about skilled motor driving. These one day events will be open not only to our members but also other motorcyclists who would like to improve their knowledge of safer driving. We expect between 50-100 people attending each event. The purpose of this event is to demonstrate and share knowledge on safe driving.
  • Annually we will
  • ...

Safe Journey Institute

As a non-governmental organisation, the Safe Journey Institute wishes to protect each road and traffic user. In the following three years Safe Journey Institute commits, with the help of experts, organisations and medical, social, legal and spiritual help, to carrying out the following actions which will offer professional counselling to traffic accident victims as well as raising social awareness, personal responsibility and road traffic culture:

  1. We intend to prevent death and injury on the roads through education of young road users in educational workshops “5x STOP is COOL”. We will organise approximately 70 not-for-profit workshops a year, aiming to include
  2. ...

Skupina Viator & Vektor, d.d.

In the period between 2008 and 2010 we will strengthen our activities to improve road safety with various measures focusing on the following topics:

  1. The obligatory use of driver's safety belt.
    In this respect we will distribute leaflets to all our 210 professional drivers about the mandatory use of the driver’s safety belt. There will also be permanent warnings and activities such as regular staff meetings, articles published in an internal magazine where we will enforce the use of the safety belt as an obligation in real life.

  2. Marking new vehicles with orange reflective label
  3. ...

Zavod Zarja

Our goal for the next three years will be to reach the highest possible level of independence for people who have experienced severe brain injuries and actively including them in traffic. Therefore, we commit to undertaking the following actions:

  1. Educating our users (people who have suffered from brain injuries and are under the care of the Zarja Institute) on road safety.
    In the next three years we will educate our users who have suffered head injuries as well as staff who work with them to act more responsibly when involved in traffic. This action will approach all our 44 users
  2. ...

PETROL d.d., Ljubljana

The Petrol Group has included care for social, environmental and road safety issues within its operations for many years. It responds to demands and challenges with a long-term growth strategy and a firm conviction that caring for the environment in which it operates has a major impact on its business and development.

This led us to cooperate in the European Road Safety Charter project. We believe that in the period of three years we can accomplish the following actions:

  1. Increase road safety awareness and practice among our 3316 employees:
    • in this respect we will use different communication means
  2. ...

Zveza paraplegikov Slovenije

Our goal is to raise awareness among all participants of dangers on the road and promote responsible driving. Our actions in the next three years will be aimed at young people in kindergarten, primary and secondary schools as well as the general public.

  1. We will carry out an awareness campaign in Slovenian primary schools. We will offer 30 presentations per year and will explain the following topics to at least 1,500 children:
    • Dangers on the road
    • Injuries resulting from accidents
    • Safe use of the road
    • Use of safety devices (reflectors, brakes, helmets)
    • Telling stories about people who
  2. ...

Adriatic Slovenica Zavarovalna družba d.d.

Concern for road safety is one of Adriatic Slovenica’s core principals. Therefore, we aim to contribute to improving road safety in Slovenia with our preventive actions and by raising awareness among different target groups..

Our insurance company was the first to offer an additional 5% to the usual 50% bonus for obligatory car insurance to all drivers who have not committed traffic accidents in the past two years. We estimate that in the next 3 years 150,000 drivers will receive the bonus.

We will in the next three years perform the following additional actions:

  1. With special
  2. ...

Si.mobil telekomunikacijske storitve d.d.

Si.mobil will tackle the road safety project with small yet relevant steps. Our actions on raising road safety awareness in the next three years will be aimed at our employees, our clients as well as the general public.

Because we, at Si.mobil, care for our employees, we will start by raising their awareness.

  • Si.mobil will organise a safe driving course for employees who have to travel the most (around 30 employees).
    We intend to prompt people to adopt more tolerant and vigilant driving through our internal means of communication:
  • , By means of established communication channels (internal
  • ...

SB&MB d.o.o.

As a company whose main activity is offering courses of skilled and safe driving to 1,200 – 1,300 trainees per year we will in the next three years commit to the European Road Safety Charter with a non- profit activity.

In collaboration with the Slovenian Road Safety Council we will hold workshops in 25 Slovenian cities per year. For each event we will create a media campaign (local radios and TVs, posters) inviting people to workshops as well as advising on road safety issues.
Workshops will be organised on Fridays or Saturdays and will be open to everyone. We...

Slovenske železnice

Railway level crossings and their location are responsibilities that, in part, lie with local authorities and the state. However, we at Slovenian Railways are very involved in this issue. All railway level crossings in Slovenia are marked and secured, but there is one key question: how? Almost 610 out of a total of 944 level crossings do not have any physical barriers, and are protected only by road traffic signs. Drivers and other people in traffic have to be even more careful at these level crossings. Increased attention, cautiousness and respect for the Saint Andrew’s Cross traffic sign (stopping before...

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