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MHF - Motorförarnas Helnykterhetsförbund (Swedish Abstaining Motorists’ Association)


Technical Service Department


Kulturskolor i Sverige ab

We will commit to the European Road Safety Charter with the following actions:

1- Voluntarily providing lectures to companies with trucks or buses about road safety and environmental issues. Concentrating mainly on subjects about road safety that are important for truck or bus drivers, for example, keeping the speed and cargo safety.
10-15 companies per year, three hours sessions.

2- Holding voluntary lectures about road safety in schools. The lecture will contain subjects as the importance of avoiding  alcohol and drugs while driving, and what other measurement you need to keep in order to be safer in traffic.


In order to achieve national goals for road safety, measures are required to influence the indicators below, which are seen as important for safety. This is to take place through measures at the disposal of the Swedish Road Administration, SRA and other actors in society.
Part of the SRA's overall responsibility for road safety is to support and encourage the development and implementation of effective measures. It also includes the continuing development of parameters for highlighted indicators, ensuring that measurements are carried out, and that the results of these measurements are analysed and reported. All work is carried...

Sweco Infrastructure AB

Sweco takes responsibility to become more active in monitoring traffic safety aspects in all our client work-assignments and towards our employees:
1- Activities directed to clients
We will become more active in monitoring the area of traffic safety towards our clients to ensure that there is a positive development in this area. An information booklet will be prepared that documents Sweco’s collective knowledge and experience in the traffic safety field. We will distribute it for free to our clients. This concerns project work with approximately 1,000 clients.
In traffic safety related project activities that are carried...

Sveriges Pensionärsförbund, SPF

The road safety activities implemented by SPF (Sveriges Pensionärsförbund) are initiated by National Society for Road Safety (NTF) and implemented along with other pensioners' organizations at local, regional and central level.
At regional and local level there are three different types of activities.
1. Information in SPFs compounds about road safety for elderly, bicycle helmets, reflectors, anti-slip, speed, seat belts, safe traffic environments, safe vehicles, etc.. This information is provided by the traffic officer of the association at the regular club meetings to be held at least once a month. The information is supported by brochures from...

SMC Riksorganisationen Sveriges MotorCyklister


We commit to the European Road Safety Charter with the following actions:
-Launching the "Notice Us" campaign.
The meaning with the campaign is to spread awareness about what dangers the motorcyclists face, the vulnerability of motorcyclists on the roads, how they are often not noticed in traffic.
We will produce a movie about the dangerous situation of motorcyclist on the road. This will be disseminated through different motor organisations ( car, motorcycle) and institutions such as the The Swedish Police. 
All motorcycle press, all organisations and institutions that are involved in road safety will be invited to participate.
The purpose...

National Pensioners’ Organisation, PRO

National Pensioners’ Organisation PRO (Pensionärernas Riksorganisation) wants to contribute to Vision Zero, the parliamentary road safety programme. Road safety is therefore a natural part of PRO activities.
Our road safety work objectives are : using the seat belt, keeping the displayed speed,using the bicycle helmet, using a reflector at night, a better understanding of older drivers' difficulties and improve road safety for pedestrians.
1- Training of our members:
-Our organization has 26 districts with traffic controllers and 1 500 compounds in which training are carried out.
The exact subjects on trainings vary but the main purpose with the...

Linköpings kommun

We will commit to the European Road Safety Charter with the following traffic safety program:
1.       Today about 27 % of our crossings are designed for speed to avoid serious injuries on motorists. From 2009 to 2020 we plan to rebuild 2-4 crossings a year for better safety, focusing on motorists. We plan to design them as roundabouts, narrow carriageways, level crossings and shared space.
2.       Today about 26 % of our crossings are designed for speed to avoid serious injuries on vulnerable road-users. From 2009 to 2020 we plan to rebuild 5-7 crossings a year for better...
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