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Cleveland Fire Brigade

Our actions are to reduce KSI (Killed or Seriously Injured) amongst high risk groups, determined through national, regional and local risk analysis data. Our relevant suite is indicators based on Police 'Stats 19' information, alongside health data and Brigade RTC (Regional Transport Commission) statistics on numbers, locations and severity of collisions attended. Medium targets on KSI reductions are included in our 2009-14 RTC Reduction Strategy. Targets:

A 16.5% reduction in road deaths across Cleveland by 2015 compared with a baseline of the 2004-08 average.

A 16.5% reduction of serious injuries over the same baseline.

A 25% reduction in child...

Stilwell Road Safety Ltd

For the coming three years and as part of our commitment to the European Road Safety Charter we will;

• Present papers on the subject of road safety at Conferences on a regular basis. The aim of these presentations will be to encourage organisations (both schools and employers) to include road safety training and development as part of their regular activities. Employers (even teaching staff) should be reminded of the Occupational Road Risk aspect of their work and their duty of care.

• Update and maintain a news section on the srsCULTURE web portal, with road safety-related news such as...

Streets Ahead, Road Safety in Edinburgh (City of Edinburgh Council)


The Road Safety Plan for Edinburgh to 2020 is working towards Vision Zero and the provision of a modern road network where all users are safe from the risk of being killed or seriously injured.
The Plan acts as a focus for all road safety activity in Edinburgh through a series of 66 interventions which have been assigned to one of four Action Plan’s: i) working together ii) children, young and elderly people and cyclists and pedestrians iii) speed, impairment, driver and motorcyclists iv) tram, infrastructure and vehicles.
Action Plan’s involve a variety of working groups to...

UK Global Road Safety

UK Global Road Safety have always believed that organisations benefit by providing driver training to their employees families.

Our online programme now allows all those undergoing training to provide an opportunity to their spouse or family member to take the same online training at no cost.

For the following three years UK Global Road Safety will:

1. Actively encourage organizations to adopt a paternal approach to their fleet by promoting the free family member training offered by UK Global Road Safety, this will be achieved through mail shots and discussions with key personnel. UK Global Road Safety is currently examining...

MHA Planning & Transport

In response to the UN Decade of Action for Road Safety, we have launched a Road Safety Scholarship programme to run from 2011 to 2021. This invites participants interested in developing road safety within Commonwealth countries to attend a three month programme of academic and professional training in road safety, to achieve competence certification and return home able to develop skills locally. From 2012, this Scholarship will be open to European countries too.

To achieve measured success in the pursuit of our objectives MHA Planning & Transport will undertake the following actions commencing in 2011;

• Organise a programme of...

Cheshire West and Chester Council Road Safety and Sustainable Transport Unit


The Cheshire West and Chester Council Road Safety and Sustainable Transport Unit commits to the European Road Safety Charter for the next three years.
A. Car occupant injury prevention is a priority. The Unit will target the 16-25year old car occupants and this will be supported by our partners through a planned programme of education and enforcement. Older adult car occupant injury prevention is also of high priority, although the level of risk reduces with age.
Resources will be focused towards preventing collisions due to unlawful behaviour and skills.
B. High (Powered 2 Wheeler) P2W injury prevention is...


As part of our commitment to the European Road Safety Charter and our commitment to improve road safety in the United Kingdom Drive 2U commits to the following within the next three years:

1. All our present and future instructors will be taught to include the extra subject areas within their lesson structure. Efforts will be made to move other companies in the same direction. We will also offer a refresher course to all of our students, once they have passed their test. The refresher is at the six month period and is there to monitor and advice.
2. Working...


We will commit to the European Road Safety Charter with the following activities:

- The regular inspection of wheels and associated components to reinforce wheel security
- Reversing and whole vehicle cameras to assist the driver when reversing or manoeuvring.
- The provision of 'Nearside' warning alarms, to alert road users alongside the truck, that the truck is about to turn towards the nearside, thus reducing risk of interaction with vulnerable road users in the blind spot!
- Warning signs at the back corner of the truck to warn of cyclists of the danger of trying to pass on...

South Wales Fire and Rescue Service


The South Wales Fire and Rescue Service commits to the European Road Safety Charter with the use of specific tools to raise awareness and educate.
1. The Domino Effect
The 'Domino Effect' initiative is targeted at groups of younger people aged between 17- 25 Yrs of age. This is because they represent the most seriously killed, seriously injured and injured on our roads and highways. We will deliver the initiative utilising PowerPoint presentations, including powerful messages that we hope will influence attitudes and change a person's behaviour. We will target the groups by leaflets, the use of information...

Avon Fire & Rescue Service

Avon Fire & Rescue Service (AF&RS) commits to the European Road Safety Charter for a period of three years with a potential of renewing. They will do this through statistical techniques and using their knowledge and expertise to identity the areas and communities within Avon that are most at risk from road traffic collisions.
The approach to be adopted is a multi- agency strategy that represents a positive approach to improving road safety.
1. They will take an active role in the community in helping to reduce the number of road traffic collisions through a road safety educational...
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