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CEMEX Europe operations


We will commit to the European Road Safety Charter in 2010-2012 with the following activities:
1. We have set up a network of logistics specialists in our company to work together in Europe on road safety issues. Through consultation and coordination we plan to enhance safety features where needed to a minimum specification on vehicles and in some countries this will go beyond current legal requirements.
Specific actions that we are taking and are not common legal requirements include:
 - locking wheel nuts or warning indicators to prevent wheels from coming loose
 - reverse warning alarms to...

Cheshire Fire & Rescue Service


Cheshire Fire & Rescue Service (CFRS) are committed to reducing the numbers of people who are killed and seriously injured across our County.
CFRS rescue twenty times as many people from Road Traffic Collisions (RTCs) as it does from fires. The Service's vision is a Cheshire where there are no preventable deaths, injuries or damage from fires and other emergencies; clearly any persons being injured on our roads fall into this latter category. We will fully utilise the resources at our disposal to work collaboratively with partner agencies to have a positive impact in improving road safety. Our Safety...

Global Road Safety Ltd

Global Road Safety has developed a number of leaflets giving advice on driving and road safety. These will shortly be available for free download on our website, we anticipate the site will receive approximately 500 hits per week.
We also intend to develop and distribute, free of charge, leaflets that are dedicated to lone female driver safety. These will be targeted, initially, on the UK university population and later to voluntary groups such as the Women's Institute. We also intend to translate them into Spanish (our director lives in the Malaga province) and distribute them locally through business support agencies. In 2009...

Tesco Dotcom


Tesco Dotcom is a founder member of the steering group for Roadsafe, promoting Driving for Better Business within the UK. We are also a founder member of the steering group evolving from the work undertaken by ourselves, The Driving Standards Agency and the Fleet Transport Association, to develop a vocational van driving qualification for industry. 
Within Tesco Dotcom we became aware of the need for early intervention to improve road safety of our staff and the community that we serve and to reduce the van damage cost of the fleet.
We have identified that outreach workers...

Local Authority Publicity


Added to our commercial activity, we will carry out the following actions:
We will publish road safety posters and guides for distribution to commerce; industry; local businesses; GP (Doctors) surgeries; health centres; community groups; libraries; schools & colleges; council departments, and the public in communities all over the UK.
We will utilize a team of publishing professionals to produce the materials to incorporate proven methods to ensure that the road safety message is relevant to the above target audiences.
We will publish a minimum of 35 campaigns a year for the next 3 years.

Hometyre Group

Hometyre Group commitment will be an ongoing and focusing on:
All Hometyre technicians/franchisees will be trained by Entyrety (a division of Continental tyres UK based in Birmingham UK). Training includes in depth practical knowledge of tyre safety and potential issues and results of damaged tyres.
Operating in key sites throughout the UK (e.g Sainsbury's supermarket car parks), Hometyre personnel will regularly hold tyre safety clinics for passing motorists. The purpose of these events is not to generate instant sales but to raise awareness of the importance of tyre safety.
Dates for each clinic are arranged two...

Instar UK Ltd.

Instar UK Ltd is committed to promoting road safety in terms of people's actions, behaviours and awareness.
We are corporate donors of BRAKE the road safety charity and actively demonstrate our support to their services, educational programmes and key messages which they are committed to delivering throughout the UK i.e.
(i)      Volunteering our services to support BRAKE at exhibitions/shows.
(ii)     Attend road safety workshops in order to act as ambassadors on behalf of BRAKE to deliver the road safety messages i.e. 2young2die, safer driving (company driver module)
(iii)    Annual fund raising in support of BRAKE which in...

RSSB - Rail Safety and Standards Board Ltd


The RSSB Business Plan 2009-14 contains the following section on Road-Rail risk:               
Support to the national Road Rail Interface Safety Group and local Road Rail Partnership Groups.
Development and enhancement of risk assessment and ranking tools.
Development of route and company specific road rail risk profiles and improved planning mechanisms to efficiently coordinate improvement actions.
The role of the Road-Rail Interface Safety group (R-RIS) is to steer the work of the rail industry in increasing awareness of the hazards and risk at level crossings, bridge strikes and other incursions by motor vehicles onto the railway,...

Direct Line Insurance

Direct Line, which is owned by Royal Bank of Scotland Insurance, takes the lead in road safety issues for the organisation. So whether it's funding research into drivers' attitudes, sponsoring leading campaigns with road safety charity, Brake or meeting with Government Ministers to discuss ways of making the UK's roads the safest in the world- Direct Line has been committed to improving road safety in the UK. Our next step is to bring our experience and our passion for road safety to a European Union wide audience and we look forward with optimism to the road ahead. Our commitment...

A-Roads Driving

Information from local road safety officer regarding the number of killed or seriously injured (K.S.Is) is remaining steady. With the assistance of Northants Road Safety and RoSPA advanced/defensive driver training we commit to:
1. Through RoSPA (The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents) we will teach advanced/defensive driving techniques to existing full license holders thus improving road safety. The fee for joining the group is £10 per annum. For this membership fee all members receive as much training as is required to bring them up to the highest possible standard for RoSPA test.
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