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Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service


Through our Community Safety Strategy 2009-2014, we will ensure that Lancashire Fire and Rescue Services commitment to Road Safety is targeted, measured and evaluated, contributing to improved road safety by working in partnership with all partner agencies and implementing a number of initiatives.
We deliver Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service (LFRS) Road Safety Education package to Princes Trust Teams, a twelve week project for unemployed 16-25 year olds. The aim of the Road Safety Education package is to change young people’s attitudes towards road safety and risk taking behaviour as a driver and as a passenger. The...

Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue Service

The Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue Service (HFRS) commits to the European Road Safety Charter for the coming three years.
We are committed to a multi-agency approach of the Hertfordshire Road Safety Group to build partnerships between key service delivery agencies and interest groups, to work collectively to reduce the numbers and impacts of road traffic collisions and to build on existing road traffic collision work using the principle of the six 'E' approach:
1. Engage - HFRS has a unique contribution to bring to engagement with the target groups. We are trusted, have credibility, a proven track...

Northumberland Fire and Rescue Service

Northumberland Fire and Rescue Service (NFRS) undertakes detailed analysis of Road Traffic Collisions (RTC) incidents attended by operational personnel which is used to populate a comprehensive RTC database. Information collated by NFRS is then combined with data provided by Northumbria Police, Northumberland County Council (NCC) Highways and the health authority to provide an holistic insight into RTC issues within Northumberland. This information is subsequently used by Northumberland Road Safety Group to set targets and objectives in order to reduce RTC fatalities and injuries. Our commitment is to:
    * identify key risk groups
    * identify key strategic...


At Wolseley our safety ethos is about continuous improvement in the future, whilst being respectful of where we have come from.
As many incidents are preventable, we must ensure that continued focus and attention is maintained. To aid this process, Wolseley UK established a Fleet Safety Steering Group (FSSG), aimed at reducing the number of collisions experienced each year. FSSG creates an annual action plan to identify the next cluster of initiatives to deliver each year. The primary aim of these initiatives is to reduce the collision frequency rate within Wolseley and raise the profile of fleet...

Centre for Transport Studies, University College London

The Centre for Transport Studies, University College London measures and monitors the state of road safety in the UK and in other countries. We are aware of the need for balanced approaches to road safety that maintain high levels of mobility and access whilst achieving high levels of safety. We seek counterpart contacts in other countries for the exchange of information and views, and for project partnership.
Our team consists of leaders in academic road safety studies of various kinds, we consider the safety of different modes of travel, the demographic safety profiles in the UK, international...

Road Safety Council of Northern Ireland

Our members have ready access to road collision statistics and causation factors and work closely with and are constantly updated by the various statutory bodies involved in the Northern Ireland Road Safety Strategy 2002-2012. Northern Ireland has the highest road fatality rate per 100,000 population of any region in the UK, 17 to 24 year age group over represented in killed and serious injury collisions. We therefore commit to:
We will undertake road safety campaigns so as to promote the education of the community in relation to road safety and encourage active participation by members and the...

Occupational Road Safety Alliance (ORSA)

Occupational Road Safety Alliance (ORSA) aims to increase the number of representative organisations which are committed to the ORSA core statement - namely that 'employers should manage at-work road risk within the framework that they should already have in place for managing all other occupational health and safety risks'. Reducing work-related road casualties is playing a significant part in helping to reach the target for road casualty reduction set by the UK Government.
Membership is constantly growing and is currently 300. ORSA aims to double membership over the next three years.
A new...

Nestlé UK Ltd

Nestlé UK commitment is focused on the establishment of a Safe Driving Programme (SDP) that will provide a consistent methodology for actions. The SDP will provide a platform for all road safety activities and systems; we clearly understand that road safety happens through the planned efforts of individuals, systems and management commitment in the organisation. We have approximately 2,000 drivers and vehicles and numerous contractors.
1.                 Over the coming year we will set up a central Safe Driving Committee (SDC) this top down mandate will focus on implementing the infrastructure for the Safe...

M&G Vehicle Hire ltd


M&G Vehicle Hire ltd is committing to the European Road Safety Charter focusing on driver training beyond the legal responsibility.
We consider that all staff drive at some point even if only home to work miles or drive on company business, therefore none should be excluded from assessment and where necessary training.
Each individual will be given a two day driving assessment and then rechecked annually, earlier if they are deemed a higher risk. Any person constituting a risk on initial test is put through additional training.
Drivers undergo refresher...

London Road Safety Council


The London Accident Prevention Council acts as a powerful influence in providing information to Road Safety Officers, elected members and to the public, to influence best practice by providing information and advice, thus encouraging responsible use of the roads in Greater London. 
We will use our quarterly and annual general meetings to provide a forum for discussion of road safety issues, to host guest speakers and organised themed conferences regarding road safety.
We are committed to develop our website and to produce new materials in line with indentified needs in the Capital and will publish 8 road...
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