Good Practice

One of the main objectives of the redesigned ERSCharter is to further empower members to create commitments characterized by the quality and effectiveness of their approach, by an innovative set of resources, and responding to key road safety challenges. In order to acknowledge your efforts and promote outstanding actions in road safety, we created the good practice label. 

The simplest way to define a good practice is to say that it is a series of actions (activities, strategies, methodology, approach, technique, etc.) that have been assessed for effectiveness in addressing a road safety problem and proven to be successful. Thus, good practices are evidence-based with clear indicators against which success will be measured.  

The Guidelines

EN_Guidelines - Candidates for Good Practice (PDF) Guidelines - Candidates for Good Practice (PDF)
EN_Guidelines Focus on Youth Commitment (PDF) EN_Guidelines Focus on Youth Commitment (PDF).pdf
Road Safety Education Challenge ERSC_EN_AF.pdf

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