ACA (Automobile Club Albania)
ACA is a non profit organization that promotes the interest of the Albanian society in automobiles and is an open forum for the advanced opinion in this field of great interest for its members operating in Albania. ACA organizes and supports various programs and activities dedicated to the increase of road safety, to the protection of the environment against air pollution from the cars, providing its members with instruction and education in the area of the automobiles in the Albanian territory and cooperating with other state institutions in the country and similar organizations at home and abroad to help the Albanian transporters get acquainted with the European Legislation in the area of Road transport, etc.

Member details
Member since March 2016
Target Audiences:
  • 0-11- Children and infants
  • 12-14 - Pre teens
  • 15-17 - Adolescents
  • 18-25 - Young adults
  • Adults
  • Elderly
  • Capacity building & training
  • Create awareness
  • Education in school or in community organisations
  • Improve vehicles & infrastructure
  • Provide alternative solutions
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