SERNIS is a Portuguese technologic solutions company that manufactures and supplies a wide range of products, services and high quality solutions in the areas of Road Safety, LED Lighting, Electronics Displays and Fiber Optics. Company Certificated with ISO9001/2008, accredited by SGS, SERNIS positioned itself in the market as a company whose products developed are intentionally focused on social responsibility. Road Safety is the core business of the company. SERNIS offers a wide range of products for Road Safety – Road Studs, Flexible Bollards, LED Sings, LED Traffic Lights, VMS, Controllers and ITS - which combine technological innovation with efficiency and high performance, answering to the great challenges of quality and competitiveness in the international market. We are in business because we provide solutions. Our research group with high degree knowledge and strategic partnerships makes SERNIS a fast and efficient company with an aggressive character.

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