Kleanthis Savvides
Through all these years of my experience with road safety, I have come across a beautiful image with a solid and clear message in our own workplace, last year. Best thing about it, is that it was not even one of the many actions implemented by management...! During a walk at our premises' parking, I saw a parked vehicle of an employee, with a child's drawing hanging next to the steering wheel. It said : "Aunt-Uncle don't speed...I love you, Angela". I was very amazed to see this and immediately took a picture. The children know the way and give the right example, we just need to listen to them and if not for us, we should be careful for them!
Gabriel Kardos
We are proud to be members of the European Road Safety Charter as our organization is committed to the health and safety of our drivers around the world. Your work is helping to save lives and reduce crashes and for that we are all gratefull.
Didier De Abreu
I am the coordinator of road safety Ille-et-Vilaine department in France (Rennes). I am a member of Road Safety for the exchange of experiences are part of the toolbox to make sustainable reductions insecurity on the roads. We educate children , youth , seniors , bikers , employees in businesses ... Sharing experience should help change behavior by multiplying the good ideas such as the operation " The Road To Share" which aims to better share the road between cyclists and motorists. Transferable to any country in Europe or in the world. What a pity that we can not introduce this action to the European commission because, being carried by a state service , but already brought in France by the federations of cycling ...
Szkolny Klub Bezpieczeństwa DZIESIĄTKA
Publikowanie wiadomości na stronie Europejska Karta Bezpieczeństwa Ruchu Drogowego umożliwia naszej szkole: - dzielenie się wiedzą i korzystanie z doświadczeń innych z zakresu bezpieczeństwa drogowego - zachęcamy do działań inne placówki i instytucje, współpracujemy z WORD i Policją, - przez edukację dzieci i młodzieży kreujemy bezpiecznego i świadomego uczestnika ruchu drogowego (pieszego, rowerzystę i pasażera) - wszystkie nasze działania mają na celu poprawę stanu bezpieczeństwa na drogach.
Joanne Micallef
It is always a pleasure to be part of such an event and most of all the children learnt a lot about Safety on the Road. Our activities will carry on in the years coming and as we enjoyed some of the other countries activities we will borrow some of the wonderful ideas held. Hopefully, both pedestrians and drivers will be safe on our roads.
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