Juan Pinto
En la en televisión se tendría que hacer Educación Vial. El Proyecto C.A.R. (Conducir Ayudar Respetar)abarca la idea de intentar que los Ayuntamientos, del mismo modo que hacen polideportivos con pistas de fútbol, tenis, carreras, etc. hiciesen pistas de educación vial donde la gente pueda aprender o recordar los conocimientos que adquirieron. - Conducir: Todos creemos que sabemos hacerlo,(nada más lejos de la realidad como nos demuestran en él previo de la F.1) pero realmente lo que sabemos hacer es mover un coche de un lado a otro con más o menos habilidad y no todo lo que la palabra conducir conlleva. - Ayudar: Si llegamos a un accidente y sabemos como actuar facilitaremos la actuación de los servicios de emergencias y con ello posiblemente salvaremos vidas. Si tenemos una avería o una situación de alto riesgo y sabemos actuar, como ayudar evitaremos males mayores. - Respetar: Simplemente eso; “Respetar la propia vida pero sobre todo la de los demás”.
Kenya Urban Roads Authority
Road Safety education in kenya is a major key issue, and especially to our young siblings who will be future drivers, passengers and pedestrians. That's why the governent initiated childrens traffic parks to educate our future road users how to conduct safely on our roads. Thanks to this road accidents are decreasing. I work as officer in-charge of Kisumu road safety park under Kenya urban roads authority .
manmohan luthra
In India the death/injury rate in road crashes is too high and education of drivers and road users is very less. We need to pump in more funds and volunteers for imparting road safety education and road manners to save innumerable loss to human beings and property. Drink driving, use of mobiles, distracted driving, over speeding, underage driving, liberal issue of driving license are few of the reasons of road crashes. Big boost to road safety is requirement of the times by inviting CSR by major vehicle manufacturers and allied industries and the government. I have worked in the department of motor vehicles from 1974-2010 and had been involved at grass root level with road safety. done many projects with GRSP/WHO in RS-10 project in Jalandhar City as a Pilot Project during 2010-12 and have been doing projects with Traffic Police Chandigarh.
Tolulope Oneya
With renewed efforts on the parts of ALL stakeholders- road traffic deaths can be reduced to the barest minimum. Spread the message: Speed Kills; the life you save might be yours!
John White
About the use of mobile phone while driving: are there statistics to show what the crash risk is if someone is just holding a conversation with someone in the passenger seat? Is using a hand's free device any more risk than holding a conversation, especially where the driver may instinctively turn towards the other party? We certainly would not ban holding a conversation, or should we? I hope these topics will encourage further discussions.
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