Giannoukas Driving School

The Attica 4x4 club

The Attica 4x4 club is dedicated to improving road safety in Greece and as such commits to a set of specific actions for the coming three years.

1. Professional members of the association will give out informative seminars to the members of the association to inform them about issues related to vehicle safety. The seminars will be carried out periodically and will inform the participants on subjects such as dealing with vehicle accident situations. For example how to safely get out of the vehicle immediately after an accident.
2. An outdoor excursion with the vehicle will be organized....

Active Zone Network S.A.

Action Zone S.A. commits to the European Road Safety Charter through its own actions as well as through its forum´s ( actions. Our commitment will be of a total of 3 years with the possibility of renewing later on.
As Action Zone S.A. the company will organize events in providing cycling education. These events will be hosted by   members of the company´s cycling team. Events will be arranged periodically and customers of the company will be invited to attend. Issues such as wearing a bicycle helmet, using cycle lanes where available and using reflective accessories at night will...


MOTORCYCLE CONSUMERS ASSOCIATION (MOTEK) commits to join the effort for safer roads in Greece and as such joins the European Road Safety Charter for the coming three years.

MOTEK will:
1. Publish Motorcycle safety information through their website, online blogs and facebook profile.
2. Organize road safety related exhibitions and events. Through these inform the participants about safe motorcycle driving through lectures and leaflets.
3. Visit school and education centre and give out lectures to teenagers about safe motorcycle driving. The focus will be issues such as wearing a helmet...

Young Safe Drivers - International non profit organization of young people

Young safe drivers are an international nonprofit organization dedicated to finding innovative ways to promote road safety.   Through research we aim to inform and provide innovative software solutions that may be used on mobile phones.

We use workshops, and international conferences to promote our goals.  Workshops involve educating, and providing solutions to the ongoing problem of distracted driving.  We offer brochures and sample downloads to everyone.

Our process is planed through any means available. For example taking part in the internationally known CES show in Las Vegas this winter (2011, January), creates a diverse pool...

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