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We live in a time when accessibility from point A to point B does not actually play a key role from a technical and time point of view. Even 100 years ago this would definitely be more challenging. Despite the technologically advanced mobility of the 21st century, the move from point A to B still opens a whole lot of riddles. To choose the shortest, cheapest route, to use personal or public transport, to sit down in the gasoline drive, or to enjoy the one that is driven by a renewable energy source? With enthusiasm we can monitor technological innovations in the field of mobility, but at the same time we are taking uncertainty and concern about statistics that, in particular, do not follow the technological revolution in the field of safety of road users. 100% security for all road users, even in the advanced, Western civilization, remains a myth and, unfortunately, will remain for some time. In front of you is a Slovenian web portal that, in a multitude of comprehensive information services related to auto-moto themes, offers a unique and creative way more about traffic prevention. In our team, we have brought together experts from different fields and together we will co-create a medium that will help us with useful, educational and entertaining information to ensure greater traffic safety and increase the traffic culture. We want to raise awareness, inform and warn us for the sincere purpose of becoming better and more exemplary traffic participants. In addition to the active creation of online media, we would like, in cooperation with associations, different national associations, companies to upgrade public events in the field of transport and traffic safety, which we have co-created in the past years.

Informaciones sobre el miembro
Miembro desde Noviembre 2017
Audiencias de destino:
  • 0-11- Niños y bebés
  • 12-14 - Preadolescentes
  • 15-17 - Adolescentes
  • 18-25 - Jóvenes adultos
  • Adultos
  • Anciano
  • Creación de capacidad y formación
  • Crear conciencia
  • Educación en la escuela o en organizaciones comunitarias
  • Mejorar los vehículos y la infraestructura
  • Proporcionar soluciones alternativas
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