Alumast S.A.
Alumast S.A. was established in 2000 in Wodzisław Śląski . Alumast is a leading producer of composite lighting solutions for energy and rail industry, road infrastructure and advertising. In January 2008, Alumast debuted on the New Connect alternative trading system operated by the Warsaw Stock Exchange. The product range is created in accordance with the latest technologies developed in collaboration with Technical University in Gliwice, Czestochowa and Rzeszów, with Warsaw Institute of Aviation, Railway Institute, the Central Mining Institute in Katowice and with the best designers. Alumast’s composite products received all necessary certificates and many awards. Thanks to the introduction of innovative technologies, taking care of safety and automation of manufacturing process, Alumast competes with international companies in terms of quality and range of products. Our solutions have revolutionised the market and won recognition among customers all over the world. Alumast SA produces a wide range of products made from composite and aluminium, including lighting columns, composite lightning masts, composite light poles with a pattern, lighting columns with hinged mechanism and flagpoles. All of these products have a wide range of advantages: they are lightweight, they have high mechanical resistance, composite material does not conduct electricity and does not have any scrap value, there is low CO2 emission during the production, composite pole is 100% recyclable, installation costs are low and heavy building equipment is not needed. What is more, lighting columns made of polymer composites comply with standard EN 12767 „Passive safety of support structure for road equipment” and refer to NE category. Therefore, Alumast’s composite lighting columns are non-energy absorbing. Nowadays, Alumast S.A. exports its products to more than 30 countries worldwide.

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