Ramiro V Olmedo
About young people, alcohol use & drink driving: 'the question is what to do? is as far as the research shown, a problem that affects many people all around the world, should not be easy if the alcohol is not longer produced and sold'.
Javier Romero Alonso
Soy socio de una empresa de sensibilización y concienciación sobre los accidentes laborales viales. Intentamos concienciar tanto a empleados como empresarios de la importancia de prevenirlos y que se conozca, por parte de testimonios reales, las consecuencias de un accidente de tráfico. Las secuelas sociales, económicas, psicológicas y físicas para el accidentado y para la empresa la pérdida de productividad, pérdida de notoriedad y reputación, aumento de primas en seguros o mutuas y aumento de costes para mantener la productividad.
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Bruce Purdie
On young people, alcohol use & drink driving: 'Should consideration be given to a separation of Legal drinking age and Car licencing.'
John-Thomas Tyala
On young people, alcohol use & drink driving: 'Focus should more on human factor and this is not because drivers are unable to operate the vehicle but the attitude and behavior is a challenge. At some lack of know of road safety aspects.Hence, people should be trained on interplay facators: and tution on following could assist: road safety principles, human factors and countermeasures, vehicle design and operation, road engineering and traffic palnning.'
Mike Woof
On young people, alcohol use & drink driving: 'There was a news item in the UK press saying how most people surveyed for a recent report supported a graduated licensing process for young drivers. Perhaps alcohol interlocks would provide one solution. It is worth noting though the high crash rate and level of road fatalities in many Middle Eastern countries, where alcohol use tends to be restricted, if not totally forbidden. I feel the issue of crashes in young drivers (and males in particular) goes beyond the issue of being under the influence of alcohol while driving.'
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