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As part of our commitment to the European Road Safety Charter and our commitment to improve road safety in the United Kingdom Drive 2U commits to the following within the next three years:

1. All our present and future instructors will be taught to include the extra subject areas within their lesson structure. Efforts will be made to move other companies in the same direction. We will also offer a refresher course to all of our students, once they have passed their test. The refresher is at the six month period and is there to monitor and advice.
2. Working...


We will commit to the European Road Safety Charter with the following activities:

- The regular inspection of wheels and associated components to reinforce wheel security
- Reversing and whole vehicle cameras to assist the driver when reversing or manoeuvring.
- The provision of 'Nearside' warning alarms, to alert road users alongside the truck, that the truck is about to turn towards the nearside, thus reducing risk of interaction with vulnerable road users in the blind spot!
- Warning signs at the back corner of the truck to warn of cyclists of the danger of trying to pass on...
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