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Newsletter Issue 8, June 2016


European Road Safety Charter

  European Road Safety Charter  


Road safety stakeholders from around Europe gathered on May 20th at the handsome Bibliothèque Solvay in Brussels to honour the winners of the 2016 Excellence in Road Safety Awards. Commissioner for Transport, Violeta Bulc, gave an impassioned opening speech where she acknowledged the "great progress" achieved in road safety throughout Europe in the past decade and a half but also emphasised the need to re-evaluate and refocus efforts in order to move forward. She pointed out the important role national and local actors play in the shared effort to reach the goal of reducing road fatalities, insuring that all road users are safe. This year's Charter winners were given an opportunity to familiarise all those in attendance with their success story through individual interviews with Pierre-Antoine Ullmo (P.A.U. Education), who moderated the event. These were followed by roundtable discussions where audience members could reflect on and share best practices. Prior to the award presentation, Commissioner Bulc and special guests took part in a panel discussion to explore ways to make road safety an integral part of civil society, from policy initiatives at the highest levels of government to actions and educational initiatives that make each individual road user an active participant in road safety. Now in its twelfth year, the European Road Safety Charter has more than 3,000 members representing many sectors of society, including business and industry, associations, public and private entities, schools and research institutions to create and communicate best practices for road safety. This year's awards were given to five such actions with a special focus placed on youth, innovation and vulnerable road users. Two more outstanding features of this year's ceremony were the introduction of the School Challenge category for the best educational initiative, and the Jacques Barrot Award, a special distinction presented to one of the five Charter Award winners and selected by audience members.


European Road Safety Charter


Highlighted news

This year's winners

Meet this year's School Challenge winners:

  CP Miguel de Cervantes from Spain for its comprehensive bicycle safety programme for young children, protecting vulnerable road users while promoting sustainable mobility.
  Lockerbie Academy from Scotland for its hands-on educational programme, using physics in the classroom to better understand the results of collisions.

And this year's Best Practice winners:

  Børneulykkesfonden and Codan Forsikring, the Danish Children Accident Prevention Foundation and the Codan Insurance Company, for their successful initiative, 'National Reflector Day' which protects vulnerable road users through a country-wide programme to promote the use of reflectors and reflective wear.
  Centrum Bezpieczeństwa Ruchu Drogowego from Poland for its comprehensive and innovative solutions, integrating education, training, first aid and new technologies to save lives on the road.
 ACA Automobil Club from Albania for meeting the challenge of introducing road safe habits and attitudes to the society, through an entertaining and extensive child-focused approach.

Featured news

European Road Safety Charter

High level of participation for this year's ceremony

This year's ceremony brought together road safety stakeholders from the private and public sector, with members of industry, associations, foundations, education, local and national government and prominent personalities joining in. More than 80 participants came from Europe and beyond, all with the shared goal of saving lives. Between each award presentation, special guests participated in discussions on the topics of education and building road safety awareness in the young; protecting vulnerable road users such as cyclists and pedestrians; and innovations in road safety. Time was given between each topic for audience members to join in the conversation and special guests to step down from the platform to delve deeper into the topics with guests.

European Road Safety Charter

School Challenge and Best Practice selection process

The first School Challenge reached out to the educational community to submit sustainable road safety initiatives. The goal was to create a road safety education project that was sustainable, creative, had impact, drew participation and was easy to replicate. Fifty schools presented their initiatives. After careful consideration, the CP Miguel de Cervantes from Spain and Lockerbie Academy from the UK were chosen. Both schools demonstrated the potential of the educational community to integrate road safety into the school curriculum in order to keep youth safe today and develop responsible road users in the future. In the category of Best Practice three winners were chosen from over 100 good practice submissions received. Through innovation, technology, and wide-ranging social initiatives winners from Poland, Denmark and Albania were recognised for life-saving initiatives in education, prevention and rescue services.


Panel Discussion: working together


Following the Best Practice and School Challenge presentations, Commissioner Bulc lead a panel debate with special guests on the role of civil society in bringing about the goals of safe and sustainable roads. Joining her were Inés Ayala Sender, Member of the European Parliament; Jean Todt, United Nations Secretary-General's Special Envoy; François Bellot, Belgium Federal Minister of Mobility; and Didier de Radiguès, former motorsport champion and sport commentator. Local actions and communication between community and policy makers was seen as key to development. As EU Parliament member Inés Ayala Sender put it, "We at the Parliament learn a lot from schools, from victim's associations, from researchers, insurance companies and car makers. All of you help us to make better road safety rules".



European Road Safety Charter

Special Thoughts

Exactly ten years ago the first Road Safety Awards were presented by Jacques Barrot, former commissioner of transport and strong and steady supporter of road safety. It was very fitting that at this 10th anniversary, a special recognition in his name was given to one of this year’s Charter Award recipients. School Challenge winner Lockerbie Academy was chosen to receive the first Jacques Barrot Award. The award was presented to the school in presence of Madam Barrot, wife of the late commissioner.

Violeta Bulc, EU Commissioner for Transport

Quote from Violeta Bulc, EU Commissioner for Transport

"Road Safety is a shared competence between the EU and National levels, but even more, it is a shared responsibility for all those who use the road".


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