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European Road Safety Charter enters a new phase in 2013-2016!

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Road News: The Charter is changing!

During the past 8 years, together we have been able to build a community of over 2,300 signatories who have contributed to improving road safety standards and culture. This is thanks to the real commitments and concrete actions, just like yours.

The European Road Safety Charter is now evolving into its third phase for 2013-2016. As a signatory of the former Charter, we ask you to stay with us and continue your commitment towards road safety!

The renewed ERSCharter features an easier process of making commitments and gives further autonomy to its members to undertake and evaluate their actions. Moreover, it invites you to participate in dialogue and exchange good practices with other members through a new interactive website and revitalised social media presence.

What stays the same is our conviction that road safety is a shared responsibility in which the civil society has a significant role to play. Our new motto says it all: "Together we are road safety!"

To read more about the changes and their implication for the members please click here

Road Testimonials: Dr. Sanmartín on new commitment types

We recently celebrated our first experts’ meeting, where Dr. Jaime Sanmartín, from the Research Institute of Traffic and Road Safety (INTRAS) of the University of Valencia, explained the design of the guidelines and self-assessment tools for the new commitment types. “We will provide useful tools so that the participants can easily evaluate the activities they make, see the impact they have and learn out of it.Watch the full interview.

Road The Charter across Europe: Next stop Vilnius

The European Charter Tour will be officially launched in December, with the first workshop set to take place in Vilnius, Lithuania, the country currently holding the EU Council presidency. As special guests, youth stakeholders will be the focus of the event. The Charter tour will be visiting all 28 Member States in the forthcoming period of 2013-2016. These events provide an opportunity to follow up collaborations and lobby with other Charter members. Read more about this event.

Road Most Popular on Twitter

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When adults wear #seatbelts, kids wear seat belts. So be a good example and buckle up for every ride #roadsafetyEU

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